The Bookworm Thinker of 27 Oct. 2021

Welcome, all, on this date of 27 Oct.  On this day:

312 A.D. — Emporer Constantine the Great looked to the sky on this date and had a vision of a Holy Cross.  Constantine interpreted this as a sign of impending victory in battle if he would but fight under the protection of the Christian God.  The next day, he defeated the army of Maxentius at the Battle of Milvan Bridge, beginning his ascension to sole Emporer of Rome and beginning his own conversion to Christianity.  His rule brought an end to the persecutions of Christians and paved the way for Christianity to dominate Europe in the coming centuries.

1775 —  After the King received The Olive Branch Petition sent by the Second Continental Congress, he ignored the Petition and, on this day, gave a speech to Parliament in which he repeated as fact an allegation that the colonists were insincere in their claims of allegiance to the Crown.  Pointing to hostilities at Lexington and Concord and the call in the Suffolk Resolves to prepare defenses, the King asserted that the colonists were already “manifestly” intent on independence and had to be reduced by force of arms.  The effect of this speech was to wholly undercut the many moderates in the Continental Congress who wanted reconciliation with Britain and not independence.  It is fair to say that this speech by King George III created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now on to the important part of this post.

Ms. Book W. Room, writing under the nom de guerre of Andrea Widburg, is employed by the conservative site, American Thinker, to edit submissions to the site and to write several daily posts of her own.  Below are her posts on this date.  Since commentary to the posts are restricted at American Thinker (long story), feel free to comment on the day’s offerings below.

Today’s Offerings:

The extraordinary power of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

I never wear clothes with logos on them.  However, when I saw that I could buy a “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirt for only $20, I couldn’t resist.  Today, when I went to my local outlet mall and then to Costco, I wore that shirt.  I live in the Southeast, in an area with a sizeable Black population and a lot of Democrats.  Still, there are conservatives here, so I expected some recognition for the shirt.  What I didn’t expect was the happiness with which my shirt would be greeted.

At the outlet mall, a young Black woman, maybe in her late 20s, came hurrying up to me.  “I love your shirt,” she said.  “Where did you get it?”  I explained that I’d bought it online.  We agreed that its subtlety made it especially appealing.  From there, the brief conversation drifted to Ben Shapiro (she’s a big fan, while I’m more of a Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles person) and ended with fond farewells on both our parts. . . .

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New Jersey’s Phil Murphy has COVID plans he wasn’t going to share with voters

New Jersey’s governor, Phil Murphy is another Democrat governor who has seen COVID’s appearance on the scene as the opportunity to expand his power far beyond the Constitution’s parameters.  In 2020, he implemented some of the most draconian lockdown orders in America, including locking down vulnerable seniors with people already infected with COVID.  Now that he’s in a tight re-election race against a dynamic Republican candidate, Murphy planned to keep secret that he intends to mandate vaccines.  Project Veritas Action, however, gave away the secret.  New Jersey voters should be outraged.

Murphy, a product of the Ivy League and Goldman Sachs, became New Jersey’s governor in 2018.  A formerly generic Democrat, he became a power-mad tyrant once COVID hit America.  As happened in New York, he locked down gyms and restaurants, and even put the kibosh on family gatherings and religious services. . . .

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