Being thankful in 2021

The last 22 months have been tough for America but there’s still much for which to be thankful.

I don’t need to tell any of you about the parade of horrible the last 22 months have brought us. You’ve lived through deaths and illness, lockdowns, masks, a massively fraudulent election, rising fuel prices, inflation, supply chain breakdowns, Critical Race Theory, transgender madness, the awful withdrawal from Afghanistan, and all the other things the Democrats have brought to America in 2021.

But still, we have much for which to be thankful.

The majority of Americans, unless they are the mentally ill/substance-addicted living on the streets of leftist cities that cater to their addictions, have roofs over their heads, clothes on their bodies, and food in their stomachs. As for those on the streets, perhaps the Biden administration, instead of sending money to FARC terrorists, should be using the money to fund mental institutions within prison walls and the creation of more mental institutions and proven substance abuse programs in the community. I still remember an America which had more mental institutions and fewer homeless people.

Most of us, unless life has thrown us a wicked curveball, have family and friends in our lives. I know I do and I’m very grateful for that fact. I also live in a friendly community, something else for which I’m grateful. Indeed, I live in the American dream: a mixed-race neighborhood bound together by shared values: family, hard work, and the desire for a safe, and beautiful place to raise children (or have grandchildren visit).

I’m thankful for America’s 50 states, which are laboratories of democracy or, in the case of the Democrat-run states, experiments in totalitarianism. The media can lambast Florida and other southern states as much as they want, but the American people are noticing that red states are thriving and Democrat-run states collapsing. It’s an object lesson in how the real world works.

For a vivid example of another American experiment with communism, check out the John Stossel video that Wolf Howling loaded. It’s to be hoped that modern Americans have the same learning curve the Pilgrims did.

I’m thankful for the Second Amendment, which is the only thing that will keep an overreaching federal government from vitiating all the other amendments. And yes, I understand that a lot of those amendments are on life support. That’s nowhere more clear than with the federal government’s assault against the January 6 protesters. (Julie Kelly has documented all of it.) All decent people should be shocked at the way they’re being treated. Sadly, though, most Americans neither know nor care what’s going on; that’s depressing and worrisome.

I’d better add that, when I say I’m thankful for the Second Amendment, I am not calling for a shooting war. What’s been going on in Syria will be viewed as a carefree picnic if America starts a shooting war. What I am saying is that the Second Amendment, by giving Americans the right to arms, is the best defense against a shooting war because the federal government retains some vestigal fear of very angry citizens.

In a weird way, I’m thankful for the last five years of Democrat madness. Yes, they used a hoax to try to destroy a duly elected president, they cheated in the last election (dirty voter rolls, ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots, corrupt counting, etc.), and Biden’s governance has been a disaster that may require decades of recovery. But…and I’m trying to be optimistic here…the last five years have finally exposed the Democrats for what they are: Unbelievably vicious, corrupt, and hate-filled.

Who and what do they hate? They hate the good things. They hate racial harmony. They hate hard work and the fruits of labor. They hate American success. They hate the way that fossil fuel separates us from the universal Hobbesian past that led, at all times, in all places, to lives that were nasty, brutish, and short. They hate men. They hate women. They hate children. They hate normalcy. They hate faith. They hate the American dream. They stand for perversion, corruption, destruction, and the debasement of everything they touch. And, as their fealty to abortion shows, they are a death cult.

For decades, Democrats have successfully camouflaged their destructive instincts behind the masks of compassion. That mask is gone. It’s hard to fight an enemy one can’t see. Now, though, despite the media’s propaganda, people are getting a good look into the black abyss of the Democrat soul.

I’m no fan of Jonah Goldberg, who’s proven to be a cheap grifter. Still, his book Liberal Fascism is the best description I’ve ever seen of the leftism that long stood at the fringes of the American Democrat party and that has now worked its way to the center. Another book that also spells this out is Dinesh D’Souza’s The Big Lie.

Using lots of historical illustrations and easy-to-read writing, both writers expose the fact that the American left and the fascists who led to WWII share the same ideological roots and the same goals. They also share the same racism, for Hitler was inspired by the race laws that America’s Democrat party managed to introduce into American politics. And amazingly, both these books were written when Democrats were managing to keep a lot of the truths about them and their policies hidden from the American public.

And speaking of books, I am thankful that, at least for now, we can still get books that the American left hates, such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci. I’ve only just begun reading it. The ritual Trump-bashing is irritating, to say the least, but when Kennedy abandons the Trump narrative and focuses on Fauci, it’s riveting reading. In a nutshell, Fauci is a very bad man.

Thanksgiving chores call and I’ve wandered from my point. What I wanted to say is that I’m grateful for America because, even at her worst, she still is the best — or at least, thanks to the American people and the Constitution, she still has within her the potential to be the best, and it’s that potential I cherish.

And as is the case every year, I’m very thankful for all of you. There’s a reason I’ve been blogging for 16 years. I know you’re out there, many of you have become friends, and it gives me tremendous pleasure to think that, thanks to you, I might be making a difference.