The Bookworm Room 2022.01.08 video podcast is up

It’s a brand new year but we’re still talking about January 6, COVID, Vaccines, gender and race madness, and so much more

I can believe it’s been almost five months since my last video podcast. I kept meaning to pick up the microphone but life kept interfering. My new year’s resolution is to blog more at Bookworm Room, do more podcasts, and spend a little more time traveling and knitting. For me, 2021 was a weird amalgam of too much work, too much house maintenance, lots of fun visitors, and my usual high level of inefficiency.

For now, though, I’m just pleased I got another Video Podcast out. Yay! I hit the ground running discussing January 6 and how the Dems are weaponizing it, continued COVID madness, crime in New York, the Tower of Babel which goes along with the leftists’ racializing society, gender roles in marriage, and more.

You can find the Podcast here.¬†Or you can listen to it by pushing the “play” button immediately below:

When it finally uploads, you’ll find the Apple podcast version here.

And lastly, here’s the video: