Revised thoughts on Ukraine *UPDATED

Watching Putin’s blitzkrieg, I realize that I have to revise my whole view of things.

My fundamental principles have remained unchanged: America shouldn’t be the world’s policeman and it’s absolutely horrific to think of sending America’s young men to war with Biden as the Commander-in-Chief and his woke Pentagon calling the day-to-day shots.

I also fully understand that what we’re witnessing now is entirely Biden’s fault for destroying America’s energy sector and hugely enriching the world’s bad actors by doing so. Russia is not just Europe’s biggest oil supplier but it’s also America’s as well. Additionally, his meaningless sanctions were the equivalent of a red flag to a bull. They didn’t stop Putin; they enticed him by revealing just how weak the man in the White House really is.

I was prepared to say that it’s none of our beeswax, in a 2022-Biden-is-in-the-White-House realpolitik sort of way, if Putin bullied his way into annexing the two eastern Ukraine provinces that Stalin long ago seeded with Russians whose allegiance is to Russia, not to Ukraine.

Having said all that, the situation has changed radically, so I must change too: What we’re witnessing now is a blitzkrieg similar to Hitler’s attack on Poland followed by his march through Western Europe. And while I know Western Europe, because of oil, desperately wants to make a deal with Putin, what Putin is doing cannot be tolerated. China and Iran are watching closely and, if Putin gets away with this, the march of tyranny will be unstoppable and make the 100 million who died in the 20th century because of socialism seem almost inconsequential.

There’s also this: Putin was furious that, if Ukraine joined NATO, he’d end up with NATO on his Western flank. However, by seizing all of Ukraine (as he fully intends to), Putin will have put himself on NATO’s eastern flank. In other words, Putin’s no longer giving himself a buffer by annexing Ukraine’s pro-Russian regions. He is, instead, committing an act of aggression against NATO.

What’s worse is that the NATO countries against which Putin is acting are the good guys: These are countries that suffered terribly under the USSR and have strong conservative values. Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania, which have had only a generation to enjoy self-rule and liberty, are once again within spitting distance of the Russian guns — and with Biden in the White House, they’re not going to get any sensible, serious protection from the U.S.

It was always apparent that the feckless, stupid, incompetent Biden shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near power, especially because he had thrown in his lot with the left. However, even in my most cynical, pessimistic imaginings (and I’m good at that kind of imagination), I never saw things coming apart so badly or with this kind of speed. But this is what happens when free elections devolve into third-world corruption. You don’t end up with the best choice; you end up with the most corrupt, dysfunctional choice.

NATO had better act now and it had better act hard.  And I hope someone gives Biden enough stimulants that he somehow looks as if he’s in charge.

In closing, a friend emailed me a reminder of why this would never have happened under Trump. When Trump’s letter to Erdogan went public, the media did the “oh, horrors!” act about what an appalling leader Trump was. But this is how you handle bullies. You don’t tell stupid stories about Corn Pop. Instead, you give them choices — real choices:

One more thing: With CloudFlare protection in place, I’m finally getting access back to my blog again without spending hours and even days struggling to get one picture or post loaded. I hope that I’m therefore able to get more posts up here over time. I’ve missed you guys.


Image: YouTube screengrab of bombs over Ukraine.