The American boat is slowly sinking

This is a guest post by Nodrog:

Ketanji /kɛtənd͡ʒi/  (noun) informal – “the only person left after the cream has left the barrel

If I were innocent but wanted for “questioning” in America, I would see that the Supreme Court is becoming peopled with those who are not at the level of intellect the highest court in the land should be – virtue signaling idiots at the top of the tree who refuse to be the final arbiter of The Constitution.  Not even addressing definitions or taking cases that are critical to the Republic.

I’d see that the Jan 6 people are still in jail after more than a year and haven’t had a trial or even been charged in some cases. That people are getting 18 months for simple trespass.

That the wrong people get away with everything and the real criminals – violent criminals – go through a revolving door. 

Why would I surrender to the police? Why would I assume my innocence would be proven in a court of law? 

So we have the criminals who have always avoided the law and now we are making the honest people avoid the law. 

We have the police we want and the military we want leaving in droves – and we will be left with the Katanji’s. Those who are still there after all the good people have left. 

For a while I was thinking the loss of “innocent until proven guilty” was a worse loss than “free speech” – but they are either side of the same coin.  Without free speech, nothing can be proven – and with “guilty until proven innocent” as the new starting point there is nowhere to go.

Unless you are one of the anointed . . . and that criterion seems to change regularly and will continue to change as required by the elites.  Over 400 Executive Orders bypassing Congress, a President and Vice President both with room temperature IQs, and now the probable appointment of a Supreme Court Justice whose aptitude for rational thought seems south of “climate scientist”. 

It’s like California, NY and the Democrat cities are drilling holes in the boat and the rest of you are bailing like crazy – which is sort of what you have been doing for the last 10 years or more – except now you have the weight of immigrants lapping over the borders and you can no longer keep up.  

To quote Blake Edward’s “The Great Race”

[On a melting iceberg]

Leslie: [measures the base] 37 inches to go. 

Fate: Oh, 37 inches to go. Huzzah! At the rate we’ve been melting, that’s good for about one more week! 

Leslie: You’d better keep it to yourself. 

Fate: Oh, of course. I’ll keep it to myself. 

[Leslie walks away]

Fate: [muttering] Until the water reaches my lower lip, and then I’m gonna mention it to SOMEBODY!

Image: YouTube screen grab.