The 2022.06.16 Bookworm Video Podcast is up

An amazing week for news and I tried to hit at least some of it in this podcast.

As always, I had grand plans but found them foiled by the demands of my real life. Time slipped away but I think I managed to capture some of the issues that have kept all of us busy recently.

You can find the Podcast here. Or you can listen to it by pushing the “play” button immediately below:

If you prefer watching a video, my new video is here. I’m getting better at the technology but my recording technique still shows I have a learning curve ahead of me. It’s this kind of learning, I tell myself, that keeps my brain nimble as I age:

If you prefer Apple podcasts, you can find the podcast here.

And, if you want to view the web pages to which I linked, here’s the list:

Thoughts on the Dobbs Decision

Colleges Are Ethnically Cleansing America’s White Kulaks