Leftists’ endless, and destructive, fight against human nature

My friend Nodrog sent me an email I thought was so perfect about the left’s war on human nature that I get his permission to share it with you.

There is something very dysfunctional in our modern Western World. Everything that is and was necessary for us to become successful is now verboten.

We are designed to eat meat, but we are told it’s bad for us — the most nutrient-rich, protein-rich source of food is no longer allowed.

We are not allowed to wear animal skins to keep us warm.

We can’t burn wood, or anything else, whether for warmth, cooking, or to make life bearable.

We can’t clear land to grow crops to get us over the winter.

We can’t clear around where we live to stop being consumed by fire.

We can’t dam or divert water to cope with droughts.

We can’t put up fences to keep other tribes from taking our food and resources.

We aren’t allowed to defend ourselves from marauders.

We assist whenever possible and make it a virtue to stop children from being born.

And now we aren’t even allowed to complain.

Is there anything that the human race does or has done that is acceptable anymore?

There has never been a time when “Leave Us Alone” is more needed.

(Bookworm here: Note that Nodrog is not bemoaning our becoming civilized and moving away from such ancient human practices as cannibalism, torture, constant warfare, etc. Instead, he’s looking at core and beneficial human behaviors and needs that the left says we can no longer have. Whenever I hear the Klaus Schwab/World Economic Forum promise that “You’ll have nothing and be happy,” all I can think of is Arbeit Macht Frei.”)

Image: Prehistoric man from an 1882 history book.