The WuFlu finally caught up with me

First, I thought it was a migraine; then, I thought it was a bad cold. It turns out, though, that I caught the WuFlu.

What the gal at the CVS testing location told me is that there’s a very mild variant floating around my community, with most people being down for the count for no more than five days. The worst day, she said, is the third day, which is already behind me.

So far, I’ve just been treating myself the way I always do when I have a bug: Lots of fluids and my beloved Ibuprofin. I also used a nebulizer with salt and minute amounts of hydrogen peroxide, as well as gargling with a diluted hydrogen peroxide mix. Mainstream media doctors strenuously warn against inhaling hydrogen peroxide but minute amounts seem to be helpful, not hurtful.

As for how I feel, well, I feel like someone who had a mild flu plus a migraine. I never lost my sense of smell, my blood oxygen is at 99, and my sore throat, which is always the most unpleasant symptom, is abating. If I don’t survive, I’d be surprised.

Mostly, I feel a terrible sense of betrayal. I’m mad at my body for succumbing to what I view as a leftist illness — that is, an illness that, before the fact, leftists worked with China to create and, after the fact, leftists worked with China to hide critical information. My conservative body should have known better than to allow this virus inside.

Image from Freepik by diana grytsku.