Bookworm Beat 7/15/22 — the New World Order is now a thing illustrated edition

So, I finally did it. When I organized the images (as I always do), I added a new category: New World Order. You’ll recognize it in the lineup when you see it.

COVID update: To date, COVID has been like any other flu I’ve ever had. The problem with this bout of flu is that I’ve been more paranoid than ever before.┬áThis time around, I’ve worried about blood clots and pneumonia.

I’ve therefore taken better care of myself than I usually do with a flu. I increased my aspirin dose from a daily baby aspirin to a daily adult aspirin (and have been told to do this for the next 30 days) and I was able to get hold of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, which I’ve started.

I also followed the Mercola hydrogen peroxide routine. I suspect that if I could find an indoor pool that’s still treated the old-fashioned way with liquid chlorine dumped by the bottle into the water, so that the air above the pool surface is filled with aerosolized chlorine, I’d get the same effect. Lacking the pool, I had to use a nebulizer.

And I’ve been resting. That’s the main problem right now. The fever’s gone and I’m in control of the congestion but I am seriously tired. This thing just sucked the energy out of me.

Still, I’m improving and am incredibly grateful for that fact.