Young men giving up on relationships

One hears a lot lately about so-called “incels,” which I understand stands for “involuntary celibate.” Indeed, Jordan Peterson is castigated by the left as the king of evil incels, when he really is a man who provides them with a way out of their social, isolation, anger, and depression.

I do not want to talk about those sad young men, though. I want to talk about a different kind of sad young man, one who has voluntarily checked out entirely.

I was visiting with friends who have, very nicely, given a home to a young man who, a decade ago, needed housing. Here it is a decade later, aged 27, and he is still living with them.

This young man is reasonably good looking, very bright, and capable — capable, that is, if he applies himself. What’s so very depressing, though, is that he has no intention of applying himself.

He is not isolated because he cannot get a girlfriend (or a boyfriend). He is isolated because he prefers pot and video games to any other pursuits.

I hear from my children about other young men who are just like him. It is not that today’s difficult, entitled, and often angry women have turned on them; it is that they have literally checked out of living. Instead of being natural young men who strive and compete and want to woman and have progeny, these young men are sedated by the falls, pleasures of drugs and video games.

The whole thing strikes me as just indescribably, sad, even tragic. Our society has emasculated these young men by telling them that normal male pursuits and behaviors are “toxic.” And rather than rebelling, many are perfectly willing to seek the consolation of intoxicants and mind numbing media.

I have no moral to draw or point to make. This whole thing just saddens me.

by the way, if you find this post and polished, it’s because I’m sitting in an airport waiting area writing it. It’s iffy if I can get the image to work correctly. However, the good news is that my summer and fall of almost constant traveling have finally come to an end. I am by nature a homebody and while all the trips have been delightful, I will be glad to be home.

Image: Man playing video games alone (cropped).