Bookworm Beat 12/14/22 — the world run amok illustrated edition

The only theme that runs through this giant collection of memes is that the world as we know it has gone crazy.

I actually had a hard time organizing this illustrated edition, in part because I had so much material (this reflects only about 1/3 of the memes I’ve been sorting) and, in part, because there’s so much overlap. Thus, I finally jumbled many of the images about worldwide changes (food, currency, etc.) under the World Economic Forum grouping because all of that aligns with WEF goals. Meanwhile, antisemitism is grouped with the Democrats, who seem to specialize in it. So if the organization makes less sense than usual, those decisions vexed me.

If you’re getting depressed, scroll to the end, where you’ll find wisdom, humor, interesting things, and my favorite Christmas video. Among the “interesting” things, you’ll find a bit more information about the featured image, above. I just look at it and imagine the papa saying to the mama, “Just one more pregnancy. We can’t stop until I get a son,” and then, when he got a son, begging, “Just one more pregnancy because my poor son is outnumbered.”

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