Challenge: Spot the Satire

So-called transgenderism (including “trans-adjacent” things such as drag queens) has become so lunatic that the line between their “reality” and quality satire has vanished.

I’ve assembled here a few videos of so-called transgender and trans-adjacent people letting us into the world they inhabit. I’ve thrown into the mix a satire video. See if you can guess which is which*:


*Yeah, this whole thing is a cheat because the real tweets so-called “transgender” people all have the tweeters’ commentary giving away the fact that they’re not only but are also horrific.

Meanwhile, the satire comes from JP Sears, a noted cultural and political satirist. Funny as JP is, you’ve probably realized that he’s struggling to satirize people who are so extreme that humor has almost no place to go (but JP’s still funny).

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Image: Rumble screen grab.