When it comes to the truth, it will even set leftists free

Complaints about Matt Walsh’s “cruelty” to a so-called “transgender woman” are misguided. Only truth matters–which could even lead leftists to truth-based epiphanies.

I like Matt Walsh. I like his sardonic sense of humor. I like his moral clarity. And I like his willingness to avoid euphemisms and speak the truth. Nowhere is this more important to me than when it comes to transgenderism.

Like me, Walsh is an absolutist. We both recognize that transgenderism does not exist. We understand that it’s a slippery slope to refer to adults by “their” pronouns and say it’s okay for them to drug and mutilate themselves is fine, only to draw the line at children. If you concede any level of reality to transgender madness, you’ve given fuel to the leftist position that, if transgenderism is or might be real, the earlier you address it, the better. And of course, the most important thing about Walsh is that he has a simply ginormous platform for his message.

Last week, Walsh used that message to attack Dylan Mulvaney, the pathetic, grotesque, and malevolent young man who’s spent almost a year broadcasting his “being a girl” to the world via Twitter, something that’s led to him (allegedly) getting millions in endorsements and (definitely) going to the White House to speak on behalf of so-called “transgender” people. Mulvaney is pathetic because he’s mentally ill, grotesque because he’s mutilated his body, and malevolent because he mocks women, wants to force his delusions on others, and deliberately entices children into following him down the path of madness.

Walsh was blunt: Mulvaney is not, as Mulvaney would have us believe, a gorgeous woman. He is a mutant who will never be a woman, who has destroyed himself, and who is an ugly hybrid of the worst of everything. Here’s Walsh’s statement about Mulvaney, including Mulvaney’s homage to himself:

I part ways with Walsh only once, and that’s with his contention that anyone looking at Mulvaney knows instantly that he’s a man. Frankly, if you were to see Mulvaney on the street or in Walmart, with his surgically sculpted face and shaved Adams apple, you probably would think he’s a woman, although it’s questionable you or anyone else would think he’s hot. The fact is that, when a man is relatively slender, hormones, surgery, and make-up do create the illusion of femininity. But that’s all it is…an illusion. Underneath the modern-day grease paint, Mulvaney is a man down to the core of his DNA. He may be effeminate, but he’s no female.

Others in the conservative podcasting world did not appreciate Walsh’s bluntness. Young conservatives felt he was too harsh. Over and over, they repeated that Walsh wouldn’t change leftist minds with those words. Walsh, being Walsh, struck back. His point was that he’s not in the business of changing leftist minds. He’s in the business of (a) speaking the truth and (b) giving practical and moral food to his own congregation of conservatives trapped in a world of leftist lies:

Those are two excellent points, and I agree with them. But I want to add one other reason that those “can’t we all get along” conservatives are wrong and Matt is right. In fact, if you want to win leftists over, you must speak the truth.


Because as I’ve contended for years, every person has one absolute truth. It’s the one thing they know to their bones is true and the world must align with that truth.

For me, it was Israel’s right to exist, which drove me away from the increasingly anti-NPR in the 1990s and into the arms of conservative media in the early 2000s. That’s when I heard affirmation of a whole lot of other things I knew in my bones to be true: If you pay poor women to have babies out of wedlock, they’ll have babies out of wedlock; boys and whites are not inherently evil; we all bleed red regardless and skin color, with ideology and culture separating us, not race; life really does begin at conception whether you want to recognize it or not, and so on.

For my mother, who would have been a fashionista if she’d had the money, style and beauty were her truths. She sucked up all the lies about Barack and Michelle Obama until the media talking heads said that Michelle was the most beautiful, stylish first lady ever, above and beyond even Jackie Kennedy. That ran headlong into Mom’s truth and, after that, she never again believed what the media had to say about the Obamas.

So again, everybody has their truth. And most people, including leftists although they’re scared to admit it, have as their truth the fact that boys are boys and girls are girls. You can have effeminate boys and masculine girls, but you cannot have them transforming into each other by wishing and “identification.”

Matt Walsh spoke that truth without roundaboutation, and with the utmost clarity. Because he’s not hedging, bobbing, and weaving, those who secretly agree with him have something firm to grab. “You know, that Matt Walsh is a jerk, but he’s right about that Dylan dude. I mean, the surgery is good and all, but he’s no woman.”

Get a leftist to say that, and you’ve got a leftist who has suddenly opened the “truth channel” within his mind. It’s the first stepping stone across the Rubicon, the first bite of the apple, the first nibble of the red pill.

When people are waffling on about adults versus children, gender versus sex, or even the libertarian concept of letting people do what they want, the truth is obscured. The leftist can walk away saying “those people are a-hole transphobes.”

So, Matt Walsh, you keep speaking the truth. You’re absolutely right about conservatives needing this spiritual and intellectual sustenance, and I’m here to add that leftists, the ones who are beginning to question their fealty to the left, need the truth, because the truth will set them free.

By the way, this is an equally good message for politicians. Conservative politicians always try to be nice and, if they’re Nikki Haley, they try to be all things to all people. Americans hunger for a politician who is true to himself and therefore true to them. They want someone who hasn’t been toned into robotic perfection by teams of consultants. Again, think of Nikki Haley. But also think of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who said all the right words, but spoke in such slow, measured, passionless tones that she ended up with as much charm and natural personality as a Barbie doll.

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Image: YouTube screen grab.