A proposal for revamping the military

I’ve thought of a new way to make our military more powerful than ever….

Fact: America’s young people are too fat and soft to qualify for the military.

Fact: Those people identifying as transgender have proven to be exceptionally aggressive, vicious, and violent:

Andy Ngo noted that a disproportionate number of Antifa members (read: violent people) identify as “transgender”:

Even Mel Brooks understood their lust for battle:

Fact: Biden has put transgender people into the military. Presumably these are people who are willing to put their violent instincts into the service of America.

Conclusion: We need to put transgender people on the front lines. I mean, really on the front lines. They should lead our troops into battle. Tell them that the enemy troops are transphobes and set them loose.

It’ll mean sacrifices on their part because the front line isn’t a safe place, but it seems that their particular skills — their hysterical viciousness — mean that they can finally have a real and prominent role in the defense of our country. If they want to serve in the military, let’s let them serve.

So, ladies, gentlemen, and it-people, charge!!!!