The left’s red-pilling of Elon Musk

Just like Trump, he was a centrist with limited conservative ideas, but the attacks from the left were so vicious that he had to move in the opposite direction.

Donald Trump was no one’s idea of a conservative. Instead, he was just a successful American businessman in the second half of the 20th century. However, as the Democrat party moved left in the 21st century, especially regarding an open border, Trump stepped forward. A longtime Democrat, he announced himself as a Republican candidate — and this despite agreeing with the left’s one-time anti-Iraq War position and being a social liberal about things such as gay marriage.

Had the Dems been sensible, they would have killed Trump with kindness, praised him with faint damns, and repeatedly reminded conservative Americans that Trump was really one of their own. Instead, Democrats exploded at Trump, enveloping him in a level of venom never before seen, even when one looked at their hatred for Bush or Nixon.

The inevitable result was that Trump had nowhere to go but toward conservative ideas. That’s why, to the extent his own party periodically allowed him to govern (for the Republicans mostly sided with the Democrats on things like war, which was profitable for politicians of all stripes, the border, lockdowns, etc), Trump governed conservatively.

Had the Republicans joined with him, Trump could have had the most successful, consequential conservative administration in history. It was ironic that, even as the Democrats pushed Trump to become a true conservative (including being pro-Life), the party that was ostensibly Trump’s party did everything it could to stop him.

The funny thing is that we’re seeing the same thing happen to Elon Musk. Musk was a man of the left who voted for Obama and Biden, and whose commitment to the chimera of climate change led him to invent the Tesla. Nor was his commitment to the free market so great that he rejected having the government use its power and taxpayer money to help the Tesla. That socialist governance took the form of government grants, subsidies to rich people so they could more easily purchase his cars, and policies that otherwise forced people into electric cars. The one strong vein of conservativism in Musk was that he believed in free speech.

And in 2023, it was that belief in free speech that led Musk to do the black swaniest thing possible: He bought Twitter. And once he owned Twitter, he did as promised by opening it up to free speech.

The left, instead of reminding Musk that he was one of theirs and enveloping him in smarmy, suffocating love so that he would fall into their arms and make Twitter function as it always did, instead did exactly the same thing they did to Trump: They turned on Musk with such ferocity that he had nowhere to go but in the opposite direction. Suddenly, leftists were Musk’s enemies and conservatives his friends.

One of the most obvious manifestations of this trend is Musk’s increasing hostility to gender madness, a subject I’ve meant to write about before. Rather than look up all his old gender tweets (or other sensible, conservative-leaning tweets), let me just leave you with what happened on Twitter overnight:

Given how successful leftists have been in taking over American culture and politics, it’s kind of nice to know that they can go too far — just as they seem to have done generally when it comes to transgender madness. As Bud Light’s travails show, Elon Musk isn’t the only one having enough. As always, when I think of people going too far, I think of Lina Lamont in Singin’ in the Rain. When you finally push people too far, they push back:

Image: Twitter screen grab.