Bookworm Beat 10/20/23: The leftist intersectionality issue

Islam, Hamas, Biden, leftists generally… They’re all swirling together in one giant intersectional mess.

Before I swing into the memes, a couple of notes. First, I mean it about the intersectionality issue. Usually, it’s pretty easy to categorize memes so that they flow together. This week, though, I struggled to decide how to categorize them. Is Biden selling out Israel a Biden thing, an Israel thing, an Islamist thing, an America failing thing, or a leftist thing? That’s why you’ll see a bit more overlap than usual in the post topics.

Second, I have been meaning to write something hefty here for a while. However, the moment Hamas’s Nazis dropped in on Israel, my work for American Thinker became all-consuming. A lot of people have things they want to say about that issue. My saying (or podcasting) something substantive for Bookworm Room will just have to wait.