The problem of Western denial and Islam

Until the West acknowledges the truth about Islam, the 9/11s, 3/11s, 10/7s, and other massacres won’t stop.

I was able to speak the other day with a relative in Israel. He’s a lifelong resident, upper-middle-class, well-educated, fluent in four languages and, I cannot emphasize enough, a wonderful person whom I love very much. His children and grandchildren have been called up, so he has skin in this war. He was also very much alive during the 1956 war, missed the 1967 war only because he was abroad and didn’t get back in time, experienced the 1973 war, and has been around for all the intifatas and terrorist attacks. He has lived his life on the receiving end of Arab and Muslim hatred.

But during our phone call, he asked me this question: Why do the Arabs hate us so?

It was news to him when I explained that this hatred is part and parcel of the Koran. When the Jews refused to follow Mohammed, he became their implacable enemy. More than that, this warlord insisted that, in perpetuity, his followers must hate and kill the Jews.

Of course, not all Muslims follow these commands but, technically, doing so is as much a part of their faith as communion is for Catholics or fasting on Yom Kippur is for Jews. Muslims are pickled in Jew-hatred because their prophet and god demand it…and my sabra relative, surrounded by this hatred his entire life, didn’t know that.

It turns out that “denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” It’s a way of life in Israel.

But before we rag on Israel, which must also live in harmony with its Arab-Muslim population (many of whom are extraordinary people who love their nation and the Jews with whom they share it), let’s look at the West when it comes to Islam. Since I graduated from high school, we’ve had lots of opportunities to see Islam in action. The following list is just stuff off the top of my head:

  1. Muslims engaged in the Iranian Revolution, the result of which is that Iran has explicitly been at war with the U.S. since 1979 (“Death to America!”). In the ensuing 44 years, Iran has funded terrorism around the world, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people, including Americans, Jews, and Muslims. (Because no one hates a Muslim like another Muslim.)
  2. Muslims engaged in the decade-long Iran-Iraq War (that’s my point about Muslim v. Muslim battles), which was one of the most brutal, bloody wars in post-WWII history.
  3. In 1983, Muslims bombed the Marine barracks in Beirut.
  4. In 1993, Muslims bombed the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires.
  5. In 1993, Muslims bombed the World Trade Center.
  6. In 1994, Muslims bombed the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires.
  7. In 2001, Muslims attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
  8. In 2004, Muslims bombed commuter trains in Madrid.
  9. In 2004, Muslims besieged a school in Beslan, Russia.
  10. In 2005, Muslims set off a series of bombs in London.
  11. In 2008, Muslims engaged in a coordinated series of terrorist attacks across Mumbai.
  12. In 2015, Muslims launched a series of coordinated terrorist attacks across Paris.
  13. In 2015, at Angela Merkel’s invitation, Muslims invaded Europe (an invasion that continues to this day), bringing with them their particular brand of rape, welfare fraud, murder, church destruction, and other crimes.
  14. Beginning in 2006, and ending only when Trump whipped them, ISIS terrorists waged war across Iraq, trying to commit genocide against Yazidi men, while using women and children as sex slaves.

Along the way, our troops faced off against Islamic fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan, which gave us an up close and personal look at the pathologies. We also got to see innumerable smaller terrorist attacks against men, women, and children in Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. I believe they may have skipped Antarctica, but I’m not sure.

But there are always the excuses: It’s a lone wolf. It was a fanatic cult. They were oppressed. Most Muslims wouldn’t do that.

All of those claims are true and, ultimately, they’re all irrelevant. We have the evidence of millennia, centuries, decades, years, and months to tell us that, while there are non-violent Muslims and even non-violent Muslim sects, there is still a cancer lurking at the heart of Islam. Collectively, Muslims don’t play well with others. Conquest — murder, enslavement, rape, etc. — is in their cultural DNA.

Data show that, while most Muslims profess to believe in these principles, only about 10% will act on them. But there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, so 10% is not an inconsequential number.

Rabid leftists, the movers and shakers in the West, know Islam is fundamentally opposed to pluralism, but they don’t care. They’ve made common cause with radical Islam, believing that, at the end of the day, they, and not Islam, will be the last man standing.

It’s all the other idiots, though, who truly frustrate me. How can they have witnessed what Muslims do when given the opportunity and still pretend that Islam doesn’t have a problem and that anyone who gets entangled with it gets severely damaged? How stupid are they?

Well, an Israeli satire site knows exactly how stupid they are:

The header image, in case you’ve forgotten, is American contractor Nick Berg before Islamists hacked his head off, filming themselves doing it because they knew that their fellow Islamists love snuff films. That’s the same reason they filmed themselves on October 7 massacring Israelis. For them, it’s almost as exciting as the thrill of raping women.