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Can we go viral over Pelosi’s hypocritical habits?

The internet is an amazing thing.  Within one day, that hilarious National Guard photo rebuking Kerry was everywhere.  It deservedly got all that attention, but how about a little attention for some other things too?  American Thinker points to a story from Investor’s Business Daily explaining that Nancy Pelosi, who

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Deciphering John Kerry

John Kerry has finally apologized (after first declaring that he’d never apologize).  Despite the fact that his explanations and apologies ought to clarify things, I remain confused.  It apparently takes a more sophisticated mind than mine to figure out John Kerry’s wiggly progress towards truth and reconciliation.  Fortunately, many are

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Political seasons

As you may have noticed, the grim (for Republicans) poll data is suddenly shifting, with new life being breathed into Republican campaigns. Someone predicted that months ago, and I think it’s worth honoring that prediction. All the way back in early September, Thomas Lifson wrote about two political seasons: attentive

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