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Yes, #OWS is antisemitic. Bill Whittle explains why. And I explain why there is no 99%.

This is as pithy a summary as any I’ve seen about the antisemitism permeating Occupy Wall Street, and binding together the Left, the Islamists, and the White Supremacists: [youtube][/youtube] (If the video isn’t showing up, watch here.) By the way, why is no one commenting on the fact that the

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Do you think liberals, reading the paper, are beginning to catch on that Occupy is a problem, not a solution?

I present to you, without comment, a collection of headlines from today’s Bay Area news section of the San Francisco Chronicle: Many Oakland stores close for strike Jill Tucker,Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writers Many businesses in downtown Oakland are closed during today’s Occupy Oakland general strike, whether in support of

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