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Bernie’s embrace of gun control endangers American liberty

With Bernie rising in the polls, getting closer to controlling our government, note how he has started to demand dangerous, anti-liberty gun control. The website I Like Bernie, But… seeks to address concerns that voters might have about Bernie Sanders, and to assure them that his plans work, that he’s electable, and

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Florida High School shooting

The Florida school shooting highlights different Left/Right philosophies *UPDATED*

Watching the differing responses from Left and Right to the Florida school shooting perfectly captures fundamental differences in Left and Right thinking. After the school shooting news broke yesterday, I quickly pounded out a few thoughts based in large part on data from and reactions to past shootings. Now that

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Destroying the arguments Progressives make when demanding gun control

Although mass shootings are too anomalous to be predictable, what is predictable is that the Progressives, from Obama on down, will instantly use the occasion of a mass shooting to demand gun control.  Obama has already had his little say about the shooting at Umpqua Community College, and my  Facebook feed is rapidly filling

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