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Piglet’s revenge

England has generated a lot of pig headlines lately.  The first round involved Britons actually removing, just thinking about removing, pigs from public sight for fear of offending Muslims.  Those stories were scary in an attenuated fashion, because they symbolized England’s loss of will and her willing submission to a

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Defining pandemics down

WHO excitedly announced a few days ago that swine flu was a pandemic.  To my old-fashioned mind, pandemic means a deadly disease running riot around the world, threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions.  Swine flu is definitely traveling, and it’s out of season, but so far

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Lucky Obama

October 2008:  McCain finally looks poised to lead in the polls, the market collapses and cool, calm, collected, Ivy League educated Obama vaults forward to victory.  April 2009:  It starts to look as if both the American public and Congress may be getting leery about Obama’s proposal to nationalize healthcare

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