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Californians: Do not get sick between Thursday and Saturday, because the unions are on the move

I’m surprised that there’s so little news about an upcoming nurses’ strike in Northern and Central California.  This story should be a big deal, in large part because the nurses who are going on strike in thirty-four Northern and Central California hospitals actually have no complaint.  Instead, they’re putting thousands

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MSM finally notices threats against politicians (sort of) *UPDATED*

From the moment Gov. Walker squared off against the public sector unions in Wisconsin, conservatives noticed something interesting:  The mainstream media, which was all aflutter about politician safety after a paranoid schizophrenic aimed a gun at a Democratic Senator, wounding her and killing a heroic Republican judge), showed remarkable restraint

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Two stories about British dental care sound a tocsin about government involvement in health care

This is a matched set of stories from the London Times, both about British dental care, and both warning of the travails when the government both controls much (not all, but much) of the market.  The first story involves the horrible teeth British children enjoy under national dental care.  You’ll

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