Idle thoughts of an idle female

Why haven't police been using the rallies to round up those illegal immigrants who attend?  Shouldn't it be like shooting fish in a barrel?  No raiding sweatshops, no trolling dark allies.  Instead, the illegals have come out of the shadows, into the sun, and conveniently collected themselves in nice little clumps.  I know I'm missing something, but what am I missing?

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  • Earl

    Ah, BW……you know the answer to that!!

    You’re from California, where if you are “manning” the polling place, you can find yourself in court if you ask for photo ID to assure that the person standing before you is actually the person whose name is on the roll…..

    Any cop who tried what you suggest would find that his career had just hit a very large snag, and he’d likely be pulled under and drowned. And if the suspected illegal had the inclination, the state would probably give him a lawyer to take to to civil court and bankrupt you, besides…..

    If we don’t get wise in a hurry, we’re going to be living in a banana republic!

  • Trish Olsen

    Bookworm, I had the very same thought.