San Francisco sneakily applies slow poison to JROTC

In another of those hastily called School Board meetings — a tactic used to ensure that JROTC supporters will be less likely to attend the meeting — the SF School Board cut the legs off the JROTC program by denying it PE credits:

San Francisco public high schools will no longer award physical education credit to students enrolled in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, the Board of Education voted Thursday in a hastily scheduled meeting.

The 4-1 vote will likely cripple the 90-year-old military education program that serves 1,200 students because most use it to satisfy their PE requirement.

“If students really love the program, they’ll take it anyway,” said board President Mark Sanchez, who has led opposition to JROTC because of its ties to the military.

Gregory Wing, who will be a sophomore at Lowell next semester, said he loves JROTC, but the board’s vote “messes everything up for incoming freshmen and sophomores” who have no room in their schedules for the required PE and for JROTC.

“It’s completely unfair,” he said. “What am I going to do for credit?”

His sentiments echoed those of a dozen school-age cadets and others who argued that the district made its decision too quickly, and that students in the military program are actually more fit than students in regular PE.

Apparently when you embrace pacificism, as these Board members I’m sure do, you’ve given yourself license, not to fight fair and square, but to engage in duplicitous, backstabbing, down and dirty tactics to destroy a much-loved program that is well-supported within the community.

Frankly, there is a reason I know several San Francisco families who pay huge fortunes to educate their children at private schools within the City or even outside of the City, in the more tradition-bound suburbs.  Even if they agree with the Board’s political ideology (and, sadly, so many do), they still have a sense of revulsion at the rotten product a highly politicized school board creates.

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  • rockdalian

    Freshman year in high school, while playing football, I tore the cartilage in a knee and was forbidden to participate in any sport activity, including gym, for a year.
    ROTC was the only option open to me. We even had rifles to practice drill with.

  • Ymarsakar

    “If students really love the program, they’ll take it anyway,” said board President Mark Sanchez, who has led opposition to JROTC because of its ties to the military.

    If you really love me, you’ll forgive me for beating you.

    Yeah, we know how it works. Especially if you talk to someone like me, who have given quite a care to studying subterfuge, manipulation, assassination, and the various cloak and dagger methods and techniques in warfare.

  • Bald-Headed Geek

    Despicable. I know that you and many of your readers are from the Bay Area, but I have to ask; how do you put up with this left wing crap on a daily basis? The people who run the city obviously hate the United States. I say that we should vote the damned city out of the country………..


  • Ymarsakar

    Actually, what you should do is to strip 50% from the bank accounts of elected officials and un-elected bureaucrats by law. If you keep doing it, eventually they’ll leave on their own free will.

    Hey, if they really loved their jobs and wanted to serve and have the perks, they would do it anyways.

  • Ymarsakar

    Socialism and communism and Leftist ideology loves the wife beating excuses. If you really love me, you won’t leave me. If you really cared about your job and the company, you’d work overtime without pay.

    To the Left, any evil action can be justified so long as it benefits them or their gods.

  • Scott in SF

    Having dealt with and watched this school board for a while I would like to suggest that it could indeed be ideology that is driving this decision. However it could just as likely be:
    1. Vindictive payback.
    2. Political loyalty to an outside actor, perhaps a national one.
    3. Some Union scheme.
    4. Incompetence.
    5. Evil. This should not be over looked. It is a rule of thumb that ‘the purer the form of evil, the more difficult it is to predict.’

    I tend to discount ideology in this case because the board seems driven enough to change tactics. If it were pure ideology they would be dis-oriented by the political response of minority families.

  • Scott in SF

    Going out on a limb, I would guess that the state or national teachers union would like to see JROTC scrapped for the simple and petty reason that JROTC instructors are not credentialed PE teachers.

  • suek

    Seems to me like some kind of a suit is in order. Nothing else seems to work with this school board.