The new green colored brownshirts

It was only yesterday that the creepy video emerged from Hollywood showing kids singing a song of worship to the golden world that will emerge when Obama ascends to the White House.  In connection with that video, I noted that the indoctrination of children reminded me very strongly of the way in which Hitler, with his Hitler Youth (I call them brownshirts, because that was the uniform and that was the adult cadre), and Stalin, with his Communist Youth, turned children away from the family and made them loyal only to the state.  It was not uncommon for these same children, in their youthful, indoctrinated zeal, to turn in their parents, only to watch with despair as those same parents were then hauled of to Dachau or some choice Gulag — or, worse, executed before their eyes.

An energy company in Britain has now started a program aimed at turning each child into a “green policeman” in the family home.  It starts with the “Climate Cops” at this cutesy website.  If the website was just about playful reminders to children to turn off lights, refrain from wasting water, and close the refrigerator door, it would be innocuous.  But it isn’t.  Part of the “mission” is to police your parents, who are committing “crimes.”

Thus, in the document exhorting children to order a “challenge diary,” the children are told this (emphasis mine):

Our planet needs all the help it can get, and the more kids that get involved, the more energy we can save!

Grown-ups are often just too busy to realise how much energy they are wasting, and that’s where you come in…

By using the Climate Cops Challenge Diary to record climate crimes at home and in your community, you can encourage others to switch-off and conserve energy.

Considering the green hysteria that’s still enveloping the Western world (despite mounting evidence that hysteria is not warranted), I find it unnerving that children are being encouraged to keep a written record of their parents’ infractions.  No, it’s not state action (although it is a public utility); and, no, no one’s being escorted to gulags or concentration camps.  Nevertheless, it’s a pattern — a pattern that’s been done before, and that has the potential to be used again — by which children are encouraged to look upon their parents as the enemy, and to feel comfortable tracking and recording their infractions.  Not scary yet, but definitely icky.

Hat tip:  Mike Devx

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Does anyone else get the creepy feeling that there are just too many trend lines converging toward a major disaster of global proportions?

  • Bookworm

    I can’t figure out if that’s really true, Danny, or if we are so deeply connected to the global news that we’re connecting dots that may not be related. That is, we’ve got so many dots on our well-informed radars, some of them are bound to look as if they create patterns. That’s what I’m telling myself. I can’t figure out if I’m becoming a loony conspiracy theorist or if the world really is coming to an end.

  • rockdalian

    From the memory hole,

    Should your doctor ask your child if you own a gun?

    Guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatric say “yes.”,2933,301040,00.html
    10 Oct 2007

    It gets worse,

    (NaturalNews) Encouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), pediatricians across the United States have begun questioning children about their parents’ habits, in some cases even filing police reports based on this information, according to an opinion article published in the Boston Herald.

    Article author Michael Graham recounts that his own children were asked by their doctor whether their parents used drugs and alcohol, owned guns, or were abusive. The doctor did not seek parental permission before asking the questions, nor did he inform them that they were being asked; Graham and his wife found out only after their children came home from the visits.

    I think the horse has left the barn. Another reason to home school.

  • Ellie2


    You mean like, the de-population of the oceans, the deformed frogs, the white pelicans suddenly abandoning their eggs, chicks and breeding grounds of the past 150 years?

    Or do you mean the current solor minimum, or the ice caps melting on Mars, or the dying off of the coral reefs?

    Or do you mean the increased volcanic activity in the oceans, the release of methane gas, and the volcanic activity under the ice in Antartica?

    Or do you mean the congruence of the prophecies of doom of the Maya, the Hopi, and the procession of the equinoxes? And the arrival of the sun at the center of a spiral galaxy after a 26,000 year journey (cf Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy)?

    Or do you mean that for the first time in (recorded) history, it is possible for the scenes observed in the visions of St John in Revelations to occur: an angel speaking to the whole world at once, et al.

    Or do you mean the weakening of the earth’s magnetic fields which is the past preceeded a polar reversal?

    Nope I don’t see nothing, all’s well. What?


  • Zhombre

    Jeez, Ellie. Thanks for helping me put my petty little problems in perspective.

  • Ellie2

    Z Darling,

    “Does anyone else get the creepy feeling that there are just too many trend lines converging toward a major disaster of global proportions?”

    I shouda just said “nope, everything’s fine.”




  • Zhombre

    Thanks, Ellie.

    I have my doubts about the gloom & doom scenarios. Remember 2YK?

    But here’s a great if lengthy movie clip that, back in 1966, seems to anticipate present malaise.

    “It’s the end of the world!”

  • Danny Lemieux

    Ellie, I don’t worry about natural phenomena. I do worry about human psychological phenomena, like the madness, divorce from reality and hubris combined with economic and technological trends that led to the rise of utopian fascism, WWI, WWII and communism holocausts that followed.

    As I pointed out to one of my neighbors recently, an Obamamaniac who laments how we should have progressed as human beings given the benefits of modern society, the 20th Century was easily the bloodiest century in recorded human history on the basis of the shear scale of destruction. I hope that we aren’t about to repeat history.

    On this I agree with my neighbor: I would’ve hoped that we had learned something, but maybe not.

  • Ellie2

    “Ellie, I don’t worry about natural phenomena. I do worry about human psychological phenomena …” Danny

    Might they be connected???

  • Ellie2


    It is because I am an expert in the Y2K experience that I say the current bailout is nothing more than con.

  • Mike Devx

    Re Zhombre #7

    Watching that clip sure brought back memories.

    Just goes to show how a great screenwriter and director at the top of their game can craft an extremely entertaining thriller.

    That one diner scene alone has three unique characters: “it’s the end of the world!” guy, Mrs. Bundy the bird expert, and the increasingly stressed mother. All interacting with Melanie Daniels, using great cuts and humor. It draws you in.

    What an entertaining movie.

  • Mike Devx

    The most difficult thing with using data points to form a coherent picture is that there are so many potential data points.

    I often throw comments in here that follow the form: “In a nation of 300 million people…” to describe the problem. You can find a thousand data points by pointing to specific people, and the data remains worthless, because they’re lost in the noise of 300 million potential data points.

    But then you can take into account sampling. If you sample 2000 people, and 1000 of them are data points matching your concern, well, now you do have something very significant.

    But that leads to the concern of being stuck in an echo chamber: How valid is your sampling?

    For Jews in Germany, wisdom in 1932-1935 meant getting the hell out by any means possible. But how could they be sure they were reading the storm clouds correctly? Better to remain optimistic, and believe it will all work out…

    Seems we face the same issue today. Just how serious *is* the situation that seems to be decaying all around us? How can we determine the point for radical action?

  • Mike Devx

    The one thing we know for sure about the environmental movement: It is expressing itself more and more via fascist tendencies, violating our cherished American ideals of liberal democracy. (Using “liberal” in the old-fashioned sense.) The use of government to enforce “a national will”, the use of power to suppress dissent and even punish dissenters. The indoctrination of children.

    And we see the same thing with the supporters of Barack Obama, with the additional element of glorification of “Our Great Leader”.

    I know Ozzie likes to point to the same worship of George W. Bush, but I just don’t think there are enough “data points” there to justify the comparison. I mean, I’m sure somewhere there’s an old lady Ron Paul supporter who fashioned her own cookie cutter in the shape of his facial profile, and I can see her stamping out those cookies with a grim face, muttering, “The world is goin’ to hell, goin’ straight to hell, Ron.” Doesn’t mean a thing.

    What’s worrisome to me about Barack Obama is that he truly is an empty suit into which all these people are pouring their disparate dreams, and he cannot contain hardly any of them. Due to media complicity, he means all things to all people. He’s a black liberation theologist! Why? Well, he attended Rev. Wright’s church for twenty years! He’s not a black liberation theologist! Why not? He hardly ever actually attended those sermons. They can’t both be correct, and yet they both are. This duality happens over and over and over. He remains a perfect enigma. He’s a far-far-far-leftist. No he isn’t, he’s just using them, the way he uses everyone and then throws them under the bus. That way he keeps the far left under control *and* satisfies the yearnings of the conservative/traditional Democrats such as my family.

    And he’s the Great Leader, worshipped by an increasing number of supposedly mature adults.

  • Deana

    Hi Danny –

    I sometimes have the same question you posed in the first post. I can’t tell whether we are just hyper-aware due to the internet or whether we really are seeing numerous ominous signs.

    It is simply CREEPY to encourage children to keep note of their parents’ “crimes.” It doesn’t really matter that the parents aren’t hauled off to a Dachau-like camp – the problem is two fold:

    First – the children are being fed the idea that they have power over their parents. That is basically turning thousands of years of family life on its head.

    Second – it is yet another step toward a reality in which parents ARE hauled off to a terrible fate. How many countries have had something like this happen in their recent history?? Too many not to take something like this seriously.


  • Mike Devx

    Deana, you said,
    > First – the children are being fed the idea that they have power over their parents. That is basically turning thousands of years of family life on its head.

    That is so precisely correct. And your point is the one we need to focus on, not any of the other distracting issues.

    What is going on here is a deliberate assault on our cherished American ideals, traditions we love and rely on. They are critical, they are crucial, and they’re under assault. That is why we read of children recording their parents’ “climate crimes” in a sponsored diary and we instinctively rebel with outrage.

    We MUST fight back.

  • Danny Lemieux

    No matter who wins or loses the election, the fact is that close to half the country will be OK with what the Democrat/Left is proposing in terms of social indoctrination, usurpation of personal liberties, interference in the marketplace and confiscation of wealth.

    It tells me that Americans, the wealthiest and most-free society on earth, have lost confidence in themselves, their history and their country just as we (collectively) suffer a massive ideological and economic assault from people who would destroy us. Is this how Byzantium fell to the Turks?

    That’s an awful lot of bullet points to worry about.

    And, MikeD, unlike the Jews of Germany, this time there will be no place to which to run.

  • BrianE

    Ellie 2,
    I would add this to the list of creepy things.

    Gene Engineers Grow Pig Embryos with Human Genes

  • suek

    >>That is basically turning thousands of years of family life on its head.>>

    That’s what’s necessary to destroy the family. The goal of communism is to make the state the ultimate authority…to do that, all other forms of authority have to be diminished. That means religion and family have to go. Religion because it establishes objective standards of right and wrong, families because they are normally the basic loyalty. In their place, the State establishes the right and wrong – which can be changeable, depending on the needs of the State. Since the State establishes the standards, the State can change the standards, and the basic standard is the good of the State. That means also that the citizen’s basic loyalty must be the State – even over the family…and children can prove that loyalty by reporting their parents, who are entrusted by the State with their care. When the parents fail in their duties to the State, then as good citiaens, children must report them.

    By the way…that’s one of the reasons sexual license is such a political issue – it serves both purposes – destruction of the authority of religion and the family, and the State doesn’t really care, other than requiring the “production” of more citizens.

  • McLaren

    Gee Ellie, are you SURE you want to be a motivational speaker?

  • Zhombre

    She motivated me to find that Hitchcock clip. And I really have to look at those Mayan prophecies of doom. I suspect however those were Mayan-specific since the Mayan civilization seems to have taken a tumble in the last 500 years.

  • McLaren

    Well Zhombre, I sit corrected. But I suppose when Yellowstone finally blows, I’ll have to eat a lot of crow.

  • Zhombre

    Better you eat crow than the crows eat you.

  • McLaren

    My point exactly.

  • Ymarsakar

    Too many not to take something like this seriously.

    What is also important is how they, the environmentalists, expect that making parents afraid of being reported by their children will somehow change things.

    The politics of fear and the militarization of terrorism are both things we have seen where people have convinced themselves that their cause is so just and transparent that it justifies using force and terror to make people see things your way.

  • McLaren

    Al Gore’s recent call for breaking the law to stop coal plant construction is one example of what you say, Ymar.

  • Ellie2

    “I suspect however those were Mayan-specific… ZD”

    The Mayan calendar begins 3,000 years before we think they existed and continues for about 20,000 years after we think they were gone.

  • Ellie2

    PS: If you are living at an elevation of less than 1000 ft above sea level, I suggest you move. But, no, everything’s just fine.

    PS: And what this is all about:

    “Ellie, I don’t worry about natural phenomena.” — Danny

    You should Dan-o!

  • Ellie2

    Ellie, I don’t worry about natural phenomena. — Danny

    Maybe you should.

    McL, thanks for the Yellowstone item. I had forgotten that one. But hey, everything is fine.

    Jesus said that at the time of the end, it would be just as it was at the time of Noah. “Everything is fine.”

  • McLaren

    Yeah, but my point is that snowmobiles running all over Yellowstone has nothing to do with the natural cycle of super volcanoes.

    But when it goes, it an’t gonna be pretty. And those Katrina types will be the first ones to go.