The new green colored brownshirts

It was only yesterday that the creepy video emerged from Hollywood showing kids singing a song of worship to the golden world that will emerge when Obama ascends to the White House.  In connection with that video, I noted that the indoctrination of children reminded me very strongly of the way in which Hitler, with his Hitler Youth (I call them brownshirts, because that was the uniform and that was the adult cadre), and Stalin, with his Communist Youth, turned children away from the family and made them loyal only to the state.  It was not uncommon for these same children, in their youthful, indoctrinated zeal, to turn in their parents, only to watch with despair as those same parents were then hauled of to Dachau or some choice Gulag — or, worse, executed before their eyes.

An energy company in Britain has now started a program aimed at turning each child into a “green policeman” in the family home.  It starts with the “Climate Cops” at this cutesy website.  If the website was just about playful reminders to children to turn off lights, refrain from wasting water, and close the refrigerator door, it would be innocuous.  But it isn’t.  Part of the “mission” is to police your parents, who are committing “crimes.”

Thus, in the document exhorting children to order a “challenge diary,” the children are told this (emphasis mine):

Our planet needs all the help it can get, and the more kids that get involved, the more energy we can save!

Grown-ups are often just too busy to realise how much energy they are wasting, and that’s where you come in…

By using the Climate Cops Challenge Diary to record climate crimes at home and in your community, you can encourage others to switch-off and conserve energy.

Considering the green hysteria that’s still enveloping the Western world (despite mounting evidence that hysteria is not warranted), I find it unnerving that children are being encouraged to keep a written record of their parents’ infractions.  No, it’s not state action (although it is a public utility); and, no, no one’s being escorted to gulags or concentration camps.  Nevertheless, it’s a pattern — a pattern that’s been done before, and that has the potential to be used again — by which children are encouraged to look upon their parents as the enemy, and to feel comfortable tracking and recording their infractions.  Not scary yet, but definitely icky.

Hat tip:  Mike Devx