A Swiftian view of the death of Palestinian children

Hamas has been making much of its dead children.  It had a field day with photos of those children who died when the IDF shot shells into a “UN school.”  Most of the world (including, of course, a credulous and/or complicit media) managed to ignore the fact that it’s bizarre that, in the midst of war, people would congregate their children in one place; to ignore the fact that shots were fired from the school grounds; and to ignore the fact that the place was booby trapped internally so that it blew up, killing the occupants.  For all of them, in their wrath, it is enough that the Palestinian children are dead.

Likewise, Hamas has had a field day with the mysterious CNN footage of a child dying in a hospital.  Again, the usual crowd has ignored the fact that this footage shows, in the role of doctor, a rabid Marxist known for loathing Israel; to ignore the fact that the child was manifestly the victim of on-camera malpractice; and, of course, to ignore the fact that the camera-man is a well known computer guru for Hamas.  That’s all irrelevant.  What’s relevant is that it is, yes, another dead Palestinian child.

To all those who are so upset, I say to you:  You’ve got it wrong.  Rather than castigating the Israelis and demanding their deaths, you should be celebrating and thanking them.  Why?  Because the Israelis have enabled these children to achieve their cultural destinies.  From the time of their birth (indeed, for generations before their birth), these little Arab children have been taught that their highest purpose is to die for Palestine.  (Don’t believe me?  Check out this and this and this and this and . . . you get the picture.)

If Israel hadn’t gone into Gaza as it did, and targeted the myriad Hamas armaments around which the children were clustered; fired missiles into booby trapped schools; or warned Palestinians in advance about which buildings were targets, so Hamas could hustle the children into the building, those children would have been denied the fulfillment of their dreams.

If you’re confused about how meritorious Israel has been in ensuring that Palestinian children achieve the career success for which they’ve been groomed, think of it this way:  We all know that Prince Charles of England has been raised for one job and one job alone:  to be King.  Wouldn’t it be the ultimate tragedy if something interceded to destroy the one job he’s fitted for, making the whole of his life effectively useless and irrelevant?  So too have the children of Hamas been raised to die for Hamas.  How banal their existence would be if the Israelis foolishly sat back and let Israeli children steal that Palestinian destiny by dying in their stead, the victims of repeated Hamas attacks, instead of the other (and appropriate) way around.

So to all you silly people around the world decrying the fact that Palestinian children are dying (and, funnily enough, I don’t remember hearing a peep out of any of you when Israeli children were the target of 6,000 or so missile strikes), give it up.  You’ve got it wrong.  You should be celebrating the fact that, thanks to yet another act of Israeli benevolence (with other examples being Israel’s decision to ship food and health supplies into Gaza, even as Egypt and Jordan refuse to do so), Palestinian children are finally getting the chance to achieve career goal and are enjoying the martrydom they crave.


For those of you who wonder whether I serious when I wrote the above little essay, I admit to being quite serious — up to a point.  Certainly a six year old has no idea what being killed really means (although many of these children have seen death up close).  Sadly, though, children don’t choose the society into which they are born, and these poor souls had the profound misfortune to be born into a society that sees them, not as the future, but as the weapons as the present.  Even more sadly, their society recognizes that they are useful weapons whether dead or alive.  In that paradigm, the international community doesn’t help the situation at all by allowing this same sick society to perpetuate itself generation after generation.  Instead, in the face of this type of evil, the kind thing is to reduce break that society entirely, allowing room for a new culture to grow in its place.

And if you doubt me, try to imagine whether Naziism would have gone away if the Allies had not so decisively defeated it.  If the Allies had kept backing off when the fighting got just too icky for them to feel comfortable, they would have done nothing more than prune the Nazi leadership, always leaving room for new, and stronger, shoots to grow in place of the dead.  That’s what Israel has done to the Palestinians.  Rather than destroying a poisonous plant, Israel has repeatedly allowed the roots to survive, enabling the plant to sprout again and destroy yet another generation.

The tremendous evil that is Palestinian culture — a culture that values its children more dead than alive —  will not stop until the roots are dead.  In the case of the Palestinians, “dead roots” will be the moment when the citizens of that benighted land realize that a culture that trains its children to embrace death, and that has a leadership that intentionally kills its children as part of its weaponry, is a dead end and MUST STOP.

All of which means that, while I recognize the tragedy that is a child’s death (how could I not, with children of my own?), I also realize that this Palestinian cultural madness has to be stopped, definitively, or many more children will die in the ensuing years.

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  • Gringo

    It is perhaps not fair to accuse Hamas of double-dealing in this affair: they have been rather explicit over the years in their exaltation of “martyrs,” regardless of age. There was a good takeoff on Allan Sherman’s “Hello Muddah Hello Faddah” putting in pictures of Palestinian children as proto-warriors.

    It is rather that most of the West doesn’t realize this, and when people in the West see evidence of dead Palestinian children as an evidence of potential war crimes, while Hamas sees them as evidence for celebration. OTOH, there are many Muslim supporters of Hamas who bring out the “war crimes” meme- who are double-dealing.It is our ignorance that is the problem. Every time a Hamas supporter brings out the “war crime” meme, the reply should be evidence of the martyr exaltation. But not enough of us do.

    Stream of unconsciousness writing.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I’ve just finished a reading list of books pertaining to the arrival of the French (my “pipple”) in North America and the horrendously bloody history of the Indian-on-Indian and Indian-on-European-on-Indian wars of that period. The Indians (Iroquois, Huron, Illinois, et al) happily slaughtered, raped and ate the children of their enemies, often forcing mothers to roast their own children on spits…the Indians generally considered this to be hilariously funny, by the way).

    The conclusion that I finally arrived at is that the Indians for the most part welcomed the “black robes” because they (the Indians) wanted to be saved from themselves.

    I think that, today, in different times, the Israelis, by holding back, have failed to save the Palestinians from themselves. I am probably among many like-minded people on this blog in believing that the best thing that could happen to the Palestinians in Gaza is their complete and utter destruction and defeat. Only then can the rebuilding begin.

  • Charles Martel

    Even if Israel continues slamming Hamas, I fear it may run into the “Homer Syndrome.”

    I’m referring to a Simpsons Halloween episode in which Homer is condemned to Hell. His eternal punishment is to be force-fed donuts from an endless conveyor. Homer’s mouth is propped open as the belt delivers its infinite supply of donuts and stuffs them down his throat.

    But even as the devils are cackling over this perfect torture, Homer keeps muttering between stuffs, “More. More.”

    Soon there is the groan and creak of overtaxed machinery beginning to break down. Even the diabolical apparatus of Hell cannot deliver enough donuts to make Homer tire of them.

    So, what happens when you deliver death after death to a culture that adores it? Is it possible that even a determined, dedicated modern army cannot kill enough Palestinians to make them want to stop dying? Is that possibly Hamas’s strategy?

    Are there any decent men left among those savages?

  • Deana

    Danny – What books about the Indians were you reading? What you describe certainly is NOT the picture of nirvana that is painted of life among the “First Americans.”

    Charles – terrific comment (#4)!


  • Ymarsakar

    Is it possible that even a determined, dedicated modern army cannot kill enough Palestinians to make them want to stop dying? Is that possibly Hamas’s strategy?

    If that mattered, they would be piling up terrorists to be bombed by Israel. Instead, they offer up human shields, in an effort to get Israel not to kill them.

    This is the inconsistent reality behind the propaganda, you see. In order to fight, they need to be alive. Regardless of what they say about being a martyr. If every leader of Hamas strapped explosives on themselves and detonated it in a crowd of Israelis, all at the same time, the Israelis would suffer thousands of casualties but Hamas would effectively be ended right there and then for decades to come (Like the Vietcong). The weakness of guerrilla or terrorist agencies is that they can’t replenish their experienced personnel at any rate comparable to conventional armies. That means if you take out their leadership and training cadres, they will take decades to regrow their organization.

    The Vietcong went active in Tet and personally led sabotage strikes and other team efforts with the NVA. The Vietcong casualties were so high that they were effectively wiped out from South Vietnam’s cities and fields. While the NVA trained under Soviet military, the Vietcong still wasn’t back up to anything like full strength.

    This is the weakness of an insurgency and a terrorist organization compared to a conventional army.

  • Ymarsakar

    Charles, they also wouldn’t want Samir Kuntar back so much had they not needed his experience and leadership so bad.

  • Ymarsakar

    Danny – What books about the Indians were you reading? What you describe certainly is NOT the picture of nirvana that is painted of life among the “First Americans.”

    This covers the Comanche tribe amongst the Amerindians

    They lived around Texas.

    American history has been whitewashed of these incidents because of the politically correct belief that Amerindians are some kind of “noble savage”.

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, Book, I don’t disagree with your post. But that is not surprising.

    Also, Charles, you have to wonder why Hamas agrees to ceasefires or hudnas if they can always take more killing and dying.

    Hamas, when they lose key C3 figures, must replace them and also replace their fighters that have been died. This takes time, which a hudna provides them. None of this justifies the belief that Hamas can tolerate dying. It only justifies that Hamas can never get enough of killing.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Y, in comment number 6, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The civilians, especially the children are replaceable (not to mention how useful their deaths are). The fighters, as we’ve seen in Iraq, are not. And more than that, they are rational actors who can decide whether to fight. The children who are raised as cannon fodder, or the civilians who are shepherded at gunpoint into a building about to be demolished, die for “the cause” whether they wanted to or not.

  • Ymarsakar

    For those of you who wonder I serious I was when I wrote the above little essay-Too many eyes I believe

    I think your position, Book, in this post and Gringo’s are some very effective counters to enemy propaganda. One reason why the Palestinians have been so able to manipulate American and European opinion is because they learned it from the Vietnamese. Arafat met with the victorious general of North Vietnam and asked him how to defeat the Americans. Given that conventional wars weren’t hurting Israel any, Arafat adopted his own modified plan of making the Americans and Europeans cry over “Palestinian casualties”.

    But if they can twist our beliefs and our principles in order to use it against us, why cannot we do the same about their own Islamic faith and martyrhood beliefs?

  • complainary

    The conclusive solution to silence radical Palestinian groups will be to establish an international military force to police Gaza and the West Bank headed by a contagion of forces from the more secular Arab countries to ensure the smooth transition to a strong Palestinian state. If there is a well crafted plan to create a Palestinian state, I think most of the Arab countries will readily send troops to help develop a viable Palestinian state.

    A peaceful Middle East will definitely have a lot of ramifications. A peaceful Middle East will stem the tide and accelerate a decline in radical Islam. There is no greater hope than that the Israelis and Palestinians get tired of their tortuous past full of wars then sit down and work towards a peaceful Middle East.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Y, I’m going to have to hire you as my editor. The typos flow freely from my fingers today.

  • Ymarsakar

    For you, I’d do it for free.

  • Ymarsakar


    Youtube has all kinds of videos like this. Another example of Palestinian death cult.

  • Mike Devx

    complainary #12:
    >> The conclusive solution to silence radical Palestinian groups will be to establish an international military force to police Gaza and the West Bank headed by a contagion of forces from the more secular Arab countries to ensure the smooth transition to a strong Palestinian state. >>

    Has an international military force ever successfully ended a meaningful war? I’m not aware of one. The sentiment that it could happen is veru nice, but the world is not.

    What I really want to discuss is the propaganda that is allowed to freely flow within Palestinian terroritory, for the purpose of programming their children towards hatred of Israel, martyrdom, and the inculcation of the belief that Israel must be destroyed and its millions of people driven into the Meditteranean surf, there to be murdered to the last person.

    Those who spread propaganda during war are war criminals. Israel should pursue them, capture them, and hold them forever, and not in comfort. (I’d recommend death, but I know that won’t happen.) You must drive the propaganda of your enemy underground. You must not grant it the moral legitimacy of being broadcast and taught publicly.

    It’s more important to kill the armed militants of course; and the capture of prominent “government officials” of the enemy is probably second; but the removal of the propagandists to jails may be equal in importance to the public officials, or perhaps a close third. You cannot ignore them.

    Let them inculcate their hate privately in living rooms, mosques, and basements. Do not grant it public legitimacy, ever. That is moral weakness and moral cowardice. This is not a free speech issue, not when an enemy is attacking you, not when you are at war with an enemy. An enemy’s propaganda is not free speech.

  • Danny Lemieux

    YM, excellent essay linked on your post #8.

    Deana, two of the best sources were “Ghost Empire: How the French almost conquered North America”, by Philip Marchand [ http://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Empire-French-Conquered-America/dp/077105677X ] and Fred Anderson’s “Crucible of War” http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_b?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Anderson+Crucible+of+War&x=0&y=0 – a long, excellently detailed treatise of the Seven Years War and how it led to the American Revolution. Another source is Father Marquette’s memoirs (especially on his relations with the Illinois Indians), but I can’t find the source.

    It sounds from all the comments above that the key to destroying Hamas and to saving the Palestinian children is to destroy the gunmen.

  • Ymarsakar

    Mike, propaganda, whether enemy or allied, is not a crime in the laws of war. You are in fact called upon to lie to your enemies and obscure OPSEC info, in order to sap their morale and increase your own. Thus it is not a war crime to produce propaganda.

    What it is is a de facto complicity in one part of the conflict. It makes propagandists partisans of one or another party in a conflict.

  • Ymarsakar

    YM, excellent essay linked on your post #8.

    Glad you liked it. The study of the true history of Amerindians and their relationships with American settlers provided a strong foundation for comprehending the Surge and the necessity in a strategic overhaul in Iraq.

  • Ymarsakar

    Which is why the Left will never accept the true history of Iraq. They have gone to far too much effort to whitewash the history of America itself.

  • Mike Devx

    Ymar (#18)

    >> What it is is a de facto complicity in one part of the conflict. It makes propagandists partisans of one or another party in a conflict. >>

    Ymar, I agree that propaganda is as much a part of war as guns, bullets, and rockets. As are spies. We do put spies to death. Are you sure propagandists are never jailed, once the war is won?

    And while the war is being waged, do we not try to shut down enemy propagandists? I doubt we never give them a free hand, as Israel has allowed Hamas and Hezbollah free reign on the airwaves, newspapers, in the schools.

    I still believe that allowing your enemy propagandists free reign is a sign that you are in trouble, that your fight is in trouble.

  • Ymarsakar

    Propaganda is not a war crime and it is protected by the Geneva Conventions so long as the propagandist makes himself a clearly recognized partisan of one side or another.

    And while the war is being waged, do we not try to shut down enemy propagandists?

    You do but you don’t use the justification that it is some kind of war crime to do so.

    I still believe that allowing your enemy propagandists free reign is a sign that you are in trouble, that your fight is in trouble.

    What’s at issue here is your statement here.

    Those who spread propaganda during war are war criminals.

  • Ymarsakar

    We do put spies to death.

    Spies can be put to death because spies don’t display their allegiance, partisan or not, to either side. This is called a violation of the laws of war and thus the provisions providing for POWs do not cover them.

    The execution of spies is to discourage spying, otherwise, everybody would use civilian clothes as a shield and thus bring risk to everybody’s civilians. Like the Islamic JIhad does right now, precisely because we don’t execute spies anymore. They are all at GitMo or at the New York Times, living fat, happy lives.

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  • Mike Devx

    >> What’s at issue here is your statement here: Those who spread propaganda during war are war criminals.

    I agree; I should’ve made that obvious. “war criminal” was an uninformed, rather dumb choice of words.

    Perhaps it would be counterproductive to shut down propaganda aggressively. I guess I’d do it every time I could frame it as a matter of convenience. “On our way to bomb the military target, we took out both Hamas radio antennae. To see the lies silenced, well, it was worth the extra ten seconds.”