An online magazine you should check out

Okay, folks, I’m going to admit to racism here, by which I mean that I’m advancing a position based on racial considerations.  I just learned through The Corner that there is an online conservative journal on the scene called Freedom’s Journal Magazine.

Aside from the fact that it has one of the coolest online interfaces I’ve seen (a cross between Adobe and a high end web page), it also has the distinction of being a voice for black conservatives.  And yes, I think it’s really cool that black conservatives have a voice, because my impression is that they get shouted down a whole lot by both blacks and whites on the other side of the aisle.  Not only do their ideas get shut down, something all conservatives experience, but they are also subjected to particularly demeaning insults as a way of ensuring that other blacks with inquiring minds are scared even to touch upon the notions of free markets, individualism, personal responsibility, etc.  (Here’s a perfect example of the unusual opprobrium and violence directed at conservative blacks.)

Because I think the black community is profoundly damaged by a liberal mindset that perpetually infantilizes American blacks by convincing them that they cannot function without government aid and oversight, I want a magazine like this to do very well.  I want American blacks to find their strength in family, faith, hard work and personal responsibility because I think they deserve the dignity of those freedoms.  So, check the magazine out and, if you feel up to it and interested, subscribe.

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  • patriot13

    This journal looks really awesome! *is considering subscribing*
    Have you heard of Kevin Jackson and his blog The Black Sphere? It can be seen at
    He’s got some powerful things to say, which, sadly, means he’s inciting a lot of racism.

  • Danny Lemieux

    If you go back to the first issue, there is an introductory editorial by the editor that references Booker T. Washington (one of my all-time true American heroes). Booker T. extolled the black American experience as one of survival, education and self-empowerment. He rejected anger and hate.
    Unfortunately, the majority of black Americans turned their back on Booker T. Washington toward the end of the 19th Century and followed the angry rantings of W.E.B.  DuBois. I think black conservatives carry on the legacy of Booker T.  and strive mightily to undo the enormous angry victim ethos wrought by W.E.B. And, no matter what Helen L. may claim, Martin Luther King himself was a strong acolyte of  Booker T. Washington’s ethos and teachings.
    In the pages of this publication, I see Booker T. Washington speaking to all of us. Bravo!

  • Gringo

    Michael Bowen’s blog is also worth checking out.
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  • Gringo

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