Preparing for mob rule in Oakland *UPDATED*

Last year, an Oakland transit police officer, Johannes Mehserle, killed Oscar Grant, in a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station.  Grant was being, to put it mildly, obstreperous.  Mehserle’s defense is that he meant to taser Grant but, instead, shot him.  Video footage made at the time indicates that Mehserle did indeed make a terrible mistake, and never intended to shoot Grant.  For that reason, trial watchers assume that the jury, if honest, will acquit Mehserle.

Oakland’s Communists and, therefore, Oakland’s merchants are making the same supposition.  To that end, the Communists are working hard to foment riots and the merchants, aware of that fact, are working hard to protect themselves in advance.

Zombie has a photo-rich post documenting precisely what is going on in Oakland:  both the Communist efforts to ensure a riot, and the merchants’ hard work, both physical and psychological, to protect their property and their employees.

I have to admit to being a bit nervous about the whole thing.  I’m fairly far away from Oakland, but quite near Richmond, which nestles immediately on the east side of the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge.  Marin, of course, is on the west side of that same span.  Richmond is a pure Democratic city, with a desperately high crime rate.  A significant part of Marin’s crime, especially shop lifting and car theft, originates in Richmond.

If Richmond explodes along with Oakland, who knows what will travel across the bridge?  I’m hoping that our Marin police are paying attention and not just assuming “it can’t happen here.”

And a little bleg:

UPDATE: Mehserle convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

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  • Charles Martel

    I’m writing this at 6:25 p.m. I just came home from a walk to buy some groceries and saw that my wife was watching the local news to see what’s going on in downtown Oakland. She said that so far it has been a peaceful demonstration, with people making angry speeches and waving signs.

    I would like to be wrong about this, but I have no doubt that the Communists, anarchists and black racists are probably going to wait until dark before they spread out and start some violence. The apparent quiet right now is just a ruse.

    As for Book’s worries about Richmond’s sociopaths coming across the bridge to do some damage, it’s possible that some thugs from that hellhole might try something. But Marin is a long way to roam if you want support from other thugs and an easy escape route. The county, despite its purported love for diversity and the Other, is one of the whitest in California, and most of its Democrats are closet racists. Believe me, they will insist that their constabulary put up a fight, even as they’re railing ostentatiously about what a miscarriage of justice has occurred.

    In any case, such acts will backfire. Blacks, who are being aborted right and left thanks to Democratic Party support of Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood minions, are a shrinking minority in this state. Latinos don’t like them because they think blacks whine too much, and Asians don’t like them because so many young blacks are violently racist towards them. Rioting by punks from Richmond or South Central will only push a lot of traditional Democratic voters to cast ballots for the non-Boxer and the non-Brown.

    The left, as it exposes its Dorian Gray face, is going to cause a lot of damage. But each such act will add another blemish for all to see.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Bookie, get your gun!

  • Ymarsakar

    Kill em all and let God sort them out.

  • Ymarsakar

    Don’t Taze me bro.
    Of course, if police officers had more tools at their disposal, they wouldn’t be so reliant upon tazers and firearms.

  • jj

    It shouldn’t be that tough to distinguish between the butt of the Glock and the handle of the Taser, even under pressure.  If it was, for Mehserle, then maybe he shouldn’t have been a cop in the first place.  We grant these people extraordinary powers, and give them a hell of a lot of leeway to amble around and make nuisances of themselves to the rest of us – who are, after all, their employers.  Maybe, to go along with the extraordinary powers they’re granted, it’s time we started insisting that they be extraordinary people rather than (for the most part) drawn from among the ranks of the not-very-bright.
    In this guy’s defense, I’ve noticed that we’re practically at the point where most cops have so much crap hanging from their belts they can barely fit through doorways.  Given that their waists are expanding right along with the rest of society’s, I guess perhaps it is tough to know what you’re grabbing.  But still, the first recourse shouldn’t automatically be for the weapon.  How many times have we all watched on TV when a chase comes to a conclusion, and fourteen buzz-cut dingbats come running up, all of them with guns drawn?  How many does it take, guys?  What are you going to do with those out?  You’ve got the guy circled, if any of you starts squeezing ’em off, you’re all going to follow suit, and kill half a dozen of yourselves and fourteen innocent bystanders.  Let’s see evidence of a brain at work, boys!  (And by the way – it’s only a high-speed chase if you’re jackass enough to chase him.  Let the helicopter follow him home from a distance, and go get him in peace and quiet and no danger to anyone else at midnight.)
    That said, why is it that um… Communists?  Really? … feel perfectly free to have a riot whenever something doesn’t go the way they think it should?  My whole life, every time there’s anything that could be portrayed as an incident involving the… Communist, okay… community, everybody knows there’ll be a riot a couple of days later.  There will be looting, which of course isn’t simple thievery but is expressive of a political point of view.  Liberating those products (it’s always been TVs, too, since I was about fifteen) and distributing them to the masses would have Marx’s approval.  I have to say, though, I didn’t notice the residents of Brentwood smashing the windows of Tiffany when OJ got off – though I did notice that the Communists of South-Central were standing by and all prepared to riot in case he got convicted.  And I wonder: why has society more or less tolerated – and come to expect – riots from the… Communist … community whenever they don’t like something?  How come it’s okay for them to riot, but not for anybody else?
    And then you have the occasional perfect storm.  My nearest city is Seattle, where the cops seem to be running hard for the title of “Morons-R-Us” these days.  When our Communists riot, which they’re about an inch away from doing, and will do if there’s about one more such incident as those of the last couple of months, it will be solely the fault and responsibility of the cops.
    Come to think of it, maybe the cops and Communists deserve each other – we should build them a coliseum and let them go at it in a place where they’ll leave the rest of us the hell alone.

  • Ymarsakar

    Close in and better quality
    I hope the police, even if they are security for a train or whatever, have auto recording cell phones attached to their harnesses. Because it makes a lot of sense to record these incidents and play them back for the officers involved.
    Police officers are just like regular civilians in this one aspect. When they are new and young, they often don’t have experience operating in an adrenal state. That means they are not used to the lightning speed and peculiarities of operating in this altered consciousness.
    A person that is calm, even if he mistakenly takes out a gun instead of something else, will realize it by grip, feel, weight, and sight. In an adrenalized state, your reflexes are much faster, your muscles move much faster. If you have conditioned your muscles to draw, aim and fire, and you send that signal, you will have little to no time to stop yourself “to check”.
    That is why if you have experience operating while under fear, adrenaline, or rage, you do not give the order for your trigger finger to fire until you absolutely believe it is necessary. Even if you have trained for hundreds of hours on the range to do just that. Your body does only what your brain tells it to do. But under adrenaline, your body is faster than your brain sometimes. It is fast enough that your brain won’t be able to stop yourself if you are doing something wrong to correct a mistake. Sometimes, of course.
    People simply do not fight or do anything requiring dexterous ability as well while full of adrenaline, because everything about your body and mind is slightly out of wack. It functions differently. Things go faster than you think it goes. You are not used to that speed. Complicated movements tend to be harder. Ingrained reflexes tend to be faster, but conscious reflexes are slower. So fast you may not even realize you did it, until after it is done. So slow your brain may be seeing things move in slow motion but you body can’t catch up.
    That’s where training comes in. Or experience. If you have felt and experienced all this, then you have some warning ahead of time. You know some of the things that can go wrong. You know how your body and mind operates while under stress, fear, and adrenaline.
    Anecdotal example. Some police when they are on the range, shoot a revolver, then pick up the fallen rounds and put them in their pocket. They do this every time they are on the range. In a firefight, these police officers spend valuable time policing up discarded shells, while being fired at. Instead of reloading and firing, they were spending valuable time picking up discarded shells. Think about that for a second. Are they stupid? Suicidal? No, to both. Their body simply did what they trained it to do. If your training is faulty, it’ll show up in live fire.
    If the officer that discharged his firearm in the BART shooting had realized just how fast his body moves when he is under that special state, he may have taken the critical extra second to wait until he gets a good aim at the target before ordering his body to pull the trigger. If somebody had told him and trained him that unless the situation is dire enough that it requires absolute speed, that he needs to calmly assess the situation and then make his decisions, the officer in question may have been able to stop himself once he realized that he is not holding his tazer in his hands. If the officer felt safe and secure enough to wait and be patient, to rely upon his H2H training to handle any attacks, he could have afforded, in his own mind, to go things a bit slower. But that didn’t happen for any number of reasons.
    The situational looks under control from an ignorant observer’s position. But what is going through people’s heads, in such situations, is a lot of stuff. Fear, stress, worry, anger perhaps, adrenaline. Everything designed to dump all sorts of chemicals/hormones into your system. Tunnel visioning. Sweating. All kinds of physiological effects. Judgement is impaired or at least altered. Your body doesn’t quite move the way you want it to. It’s too fast, too jerky. You tell your arm to take a coin in front of you, and your hand shoots out and hits the coin away from you, before you can even realize that your arm is moving faster than it should have.
    This is what can happen to people under the adrenaline state. It takes experience, control, and training to learn how to do ordinary things while adrenalized to the max. Otherwise, you aren’t in control of your body.
    This is only part of what “good training” means. And it is a basic part too. People experience different things under adrenaline. It’s not the same for each person. Grim, for example, tends to have perfect memory recall, as he once noted. I tend to have time distortions, discrete but not continuous. Meaning, depending on the circumstance, time either slows down or I get “blank spots” where I can’t remember anything. I’ve never had too much difficulty moving. I have experienced the general benefits of adrenaline, such as amazing pain tolerance, strength, endurance, and speed. Not too much loss in dexterity, although I haven’t tested it by flipping coins or anything.
    In the end, there’s no need for a man’s entire life to be ruined by one avoidable mistake. One hour a week, for the 2 years he was in service, would have been enough. Even 1 hour a month. Fighting evil doesn’t just mean blowing up bad guys in my opinion. It also means saving people who can be saved. And that’s not always the guy that died.
    The Commies are allowed to riot because the rich Dems find it better to pay off the rabble than anger them. Too much anger amongst the masses and Dems might get disturbed in their homes by the noise.

  • SJBill

    The Obamunist valkyries are unleashed once again by Twitter. And the federal government is investigating allegations of racist hate crimes.

    I wager that riots and looting would also occur if:

    Golden State WON the NBA championships +5
    Golden State LOST the NBA championships +5
    Oakland Raiders WON the Super Bowl +3
    Oakland Rasdiers LOST the Super Bowl +3
    Oakland A’s WON the Series +2
    Oakland A’s LOST the Series +2

    NOTE: Riots and looting did not occur after the killing of white police officers were killed in the line of duty. And the federal government has done what? Nothing.

    That’s Oaktown, baby! Chicago West.

    Former Mayor Brown, you did well.