Palestinians alone

Something is deeply wrong at the New York Times.  I think that, perhaps, someone sensible slipped into their offices in the dark of night and published Efraim Karsh’s op-ed about the Palestinians, and the way in which they’ve been puppets for the surrounding Arab states.  I’m sure whoever let that happen, if caught, will be suitably punished — perhaps by being trapped in a room with the only reading material being columns from Krugman, Herbert and Friedman.  Death by ants and honey might be preferable.

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  • Charles

    I’ve always said (and had people look at me as if I am crazy) that there are only two entities that look out for Palestinians – the US and Israeli governments.  (The US because it treats the rights of Palestinians as something being of value and worth discussing. Israel because, despite (or in reality, because Israel is a responsible nation) its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip took over and made sure that basic services were in order.  Fortunately for Israel, they have since given up trying to be responsible while having rockets shot at them almost everyday.)  No one else gives a hoot about them, not the other Arab/Muslim countries, not even the “Palestinian” leaders.

    And being trapped in a room with the only reading material being Krugman et al.  Yikes!

  • 11B40

    Just another day in the lands of “I against my brother; my brother and I against our cousin; my cousin, my brother and I against the stranger”.  Just like the shifting desert sands from which they came, the Arab/Islamic concept of loyalty is predicated on what is at stake, whose salami is on the table.
    Palestine, the Palestinians, and Palestinianism have long ago followed Eric Hoffer observation that what starts as a cause, becomes a business, and ends up as a racket.  The fact that the good old USofA continues to send these miscreants hundreds of millions of the taxpayers’ dollars seems to me to be much like drinking the ocean to see if it’s salty.  They will take and take and then take some more, whining almost all of the time.
    The only advice that makes sense to me is for Israel to take the Palestinians down to the River Jordan, point them east, and give them a decent headstart.  Jordan’s a river; the country by that name is Palestine.