Terrible news out of Jerusalem

The world’s useful idiots never get it.  Israel targets Palestinian soldiers, and is terribly troubled when she inadvertently kills the civilians amongst whom the fighters hide.  The Palestinians deliberately target civilians, and try to kill the largest number possible.  Today, they succeeded:

A bus explosion in Jerusalem has caused dozens of casualties, police said Wednesday.

Scores of ambulances converged on the area near the central bus station and a city conference hall in a Jewish neighborhood of downtown Jerusalem, Reuters reported, citing Israeli TV and radio.

People were lying on the ground and taken away on stretchers, according to The Associated Press.

The explosion appears to be the first bus bombing in several years and comes amid rising tension between Hamas militants and Israel.

Israel is fighting a principled war; if Sherman’s March through Georgia is any guide, the Palestinians are the ones who, ultimately, will be fighting a successful war.  Wars end, not when the military gives up, but when the civilians give up.  That’s why the Palestinians target that population.  As long as Israel goes after buildings and specific fighters, she stiffens resistance, I think, without achieving a military goal.

Having said that, I’m not sure I see an option for Israel.  She’s in an untenable situation, made worse by the fact that the world forgives the mass murderers and pillories the principled fighters.


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  • SFC Dave

    I was actually citing Duke as a Republican example of the worst sort.  Both parties did, finally, repudiate his actions.  The parties, however, repudiated him not because he was morally reprehensible, but rather because he was becoming a danger to their ability to gain votes.  Duke’s flip from D to R was a progression less of Duke changing his stripes, but of the party in his region adjusting to the national picture.  Duke was only cast out of the Republican party because he was embarrassing on a national level.  Realpolitik drove the indignation, not morals. 
    I had actually forgotten that Duke’s first wins were under the Democratic flag – I only started tracking him when I returned from overseas (’96) and had to get smart on potential domestic terror issues – especially racially motivated extremists.  I really didn’t care which card Duke was carrying; he was/is a dirtbag.  It made me very, very angry that the local Republicans were willing to look past his record to try for a win.  I don’t know what was worse in the situation – the fact that the GOP was willing to try and win an election with a candidate that divisive, or that the local Democratic party had nominated a candidate so awful that the GOP thought Duke could win.

    SFC Dave
    “There is only one problem with politics – politicians.”

  • Gringo

    Another point about David Duke is that like Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry, he made the pilgrimage to Damascus to show his abhorrence of  Dastardly Dubya’s policy in Iraq. I have never known of a Democrat  to acknowledge that fact.