No surprise to Bookworm that the White House is hostile to women

Back in September 2009, I posted about Obama’s obsession with getting women into burqas which is, to my mind, a very misogynistic approach to women.  I’m therefore entirely unsurprised to learn that those women who have worked in the White House claim that it’s a hostile environment to women, and that this hostility comes from the top.

Obama always signals things:  his dislike for Jews and Israel (all his pro-Palestinian friends and advisors were the giveaway), his love for socialist economic fallacies (his Chicago organizer background, his Ivy League education, and all his socialist friends), and his misogyny (that burqa obsession).   Patting myself on the back, I consistently predicted who and what this man would be, something that was pretty easy if one paid attention to what he said and did.


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  • Mike Devx

    I have heard that in the workplace, if a woman has a female boss, that boss will either be very supportive of the female employee, or will submarine and destroy that female employee.  The destructive, second dynamic is apparently due to an instinctive reaction by the boss to (strangely) destroy a perceived threat to her position.

    I bring this up because Obama’s most powerful advisor, by most accounts, is Valerie Jarrett.  So he’s no blanket misogynist.  Could it be Jarrett who subtly createst the workplace environment that his hostile for other women, for it surely is not hostile for her?

    Whether she’s involved or not, it is clear that Obama enjoys his “old-boys-club” activities: golfing with the guys, basketball with the guys, etc.  In the context where, informally, business occurs – often the most strategically important decisions get made when they’re thorny.  We’re told such “old-boys-clubs” activities, with women excluded, are extraordinarily harmful to businesswomen’s interests.  Yet Obama engages in them frequently.

    I first turned on Obama due to a liveleak video, during the primary campaign against Hillary.  In that video, on the campaign plane, female reporters who ooh-ing and aah-ing Obama and he was just drinking it up.  “Get out of the way, I can’t see him, I can’t see him”, one female reporter was cooing/whining.  At the front of the plane, Obama then started posing for the women, grinning, and they reciprocated with even more audible oohs and aaahs, and he was loving every second of it.  The entire scene was so incredibly unprofessional in every way, on both his part and the female reporters’.  There’s not one other president I can think of that would have been so sophomoric.  Even the classless Clinton wouldn’t have done THAT.  JFK was a ladies man and loved their attention, but JFK had class; he’d never have done that either.

    As to the behavior of the female reporters (amidst their so-called claims of objectiviity, well, they are the media… and you all already know what I think of the media.
    I’d say the women in this Administration were onto something.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  At a minimum I’m sure they were treated subtly dismissively by Obama with his underlings picking up on that and treating them even more poorly; at worst, Obama has made it a clearly hostile place and his underlings are just perpetuating his environment.

  • Charles Martel

    Obama certainly has never had any woman in his life that he could respect or rely on. His mother was a rootless, self-absorbed leftist who loved humanity in general but not her son in particular. His grandmother was white (and we know how those people are), not to mention she was also a Red, which is one of the most amoral, uncaring things a human being can be. His wife is an angry, bitter, classless harridan who bristles with resentment because she knows she’s been punted, affirmative action-style, up the ladder simply because she’s dark and not because she’s qualified.

    So here is America’s premier nancy boy, Barack Obama, always surrounded by and at the mercy of incompetent, hateful, self-absorbed wymyn (except for big sis Valerie). I almost feel sorry for the kid.    

  • Mike Devx

    Charles says: His wife is an angry, bitter, classless harridan who bristles with resentment

    I agree with your evaluation… But can anyone explain to me why you would marry such a woman?

    Thought process: “Gee, she’s everything I want in my life: angry, bitter, classless.  And she’s a harridan who bristles with resentment.  My kinda gal!”


  • Mike Devx

    Aha! The answer to my question:  They are BOTH angry, bitter, classless people who bristle with resentment.  But these qualities are directed outward at the rest of the world, not at each other.  They’re probably actually quite kind and loving toward each other.  Birds of a feather sticking together sort of thing.


  • David Foster

    Mike Devx…”I have heard that in the workplace, if a woman has a female boss, that boss will either be very supportive of the female employee, or will submarine and destroy that female employee”…I’ve had a number of female managers working for me, and have rarely if ever observed that dynamic–these women have mostly evaluated their female employees in as balanced as way as their male employees.

    On the other hand, I’d never put someone like Valerie Jarrett in a management position. 


    Jarrett is the black mother he never had, but wanted. An added feature to their ‘friendship’ is that they both spent childhood years in Muslim countries (she was born in Iran). Just think of all the swell stories they both swapped over the years. 
    he’s no blanket misogynist – you’re right Mike, he just hates white women. Don’t forget his “lipstick on a pig” remark or “you’re nice enough.”

  • Libby

    I’ve had the pleasure of working for one of those hostile female bosses. When she wasn’t undermining and micromanaging her experienced female staff, she was attempting to bed just about any male in sight. The one performance appraisal I received from her before I engineered my transfer to another team could be summarized as: “Well, she really tries to do a good job.” These female bosses exist, and the only solution is to leave.
    Obama’s misogyny was apparent in his treatment of Hillary, especially the condescending “You’r likable enough” comment. He could have stopped the behind-the-scenes misogynistic treatment of her and her supporters by his supporters, but he didn’t (just as he’s never condemned the thug tactics of Acorn, SEIU, etc.). While Valerie Jarret has found a way to excel in such an environment, the person responsible for the work environment – always – is the person in charge. Obama either set the tone, or has passively allowed others, such as Jarrett or Emmanuel, set the tone and he’s chosen not to change it. 
    As for Michelle, I don’t know what the attraction is there…

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left allied with Islam because both of them share a distaste for creation, work, and femininity. It wasn’t so strange an alliance as many people thought. It obviously works.

     Mart and Devx, remember that the arch wannabe revolutionary Ayers and who he is married to. Evil people form marriages as an alliance so that they can make your lives hell. That’s what entertains them. When they run out of people and children to torture, then MAYBE they’ll turn on each other. But not until then.

  • Jewel

    Clearly, there’s too much intolerance, as Sunny explains.

  • pst314

    “I agree with your evaluation… But can anyone explain to me why you would marry such a woman?”
    I know one feminist (or should I say “conscious”?) man who married a woman who frequenly and loudly proclaims that men are in all ways inferior to women. Maybe he wanted to prove his feminism…and get a daily dose of humiliation?


    But can anyone explain to me why you would marry such a woman?”
    In  some circles it’s called S&M.

  • Ymarsakar

    Probably because Leftists have a mutual interest and so they form alliances, marriages, based upon it.