It’s not always politics. Sometimes we talk family here too.

It would be so nice if my children had inherited only my best qualities, plus their father’s best qualities too.  Then, they would have been brilliant, talented and gorgeous.  But that’s not how it worked out.  For one thing, they’ve got qualities, such as athleticism and self-discipline, that neither my husband nor I have.  (We’re both driven, not self-disciplined.)  Also, they inherited a good dose of our horribles too:  stubbornness, temper, etc.  Both my husband and I have, for these many years, been much more appreciative of what our own parents went through with us.  Bruce Kesler has also been thinking about his mother and her parenting experiences.

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  • Marica

    i am happy that my GRITS (girls raised in the south) were born before “parenting” became vogue. 

  • Mike Devx

    This is sort of about family, so it’s on topic?  Nah, no it isn’t, who am I trying to kid???

    Just saw a headline: 1 in 5 bought a Ford automobile because Ford refused the bailout.

    Then we have Ford, a few days ago, bowing to political pressure: They cancelled the ad in which a guy discussed the fact, that yes, he bought a Ford because they refused the bailout.

    And then Ford did something far, far worse: They pulled their ad from YouTube.  In a sense, they censored themselves.  Not only did they stop the ad, they’re going OUT OF THEIR WAY to prevent us from ever seeing the ad again.  They made sure we couldn’t even retrieve it from YouTube!!!

    That means they feel ashamed of the ad.  They think there’s something WRONG with it.

    I’ve been quietly angry about this for more than a week.  I wrote Ford.  I will remain quietly angry. And I will not buy a Ford until, at a minimum, they put this ad back out on YouTube.  I can’t control their advertising decisions, but suppressing their own ad from YouTube goes way too far.

  • Mike Devx

    Sigh, spoke too fast.  Ford has already re-released the ad back into YouTube.


    Mike, this may shed more light as to why the ad was pulled. I don’t know how much of the pressure was internal or external.
    Hyde correctly points out that Ford’s credit arm registered to sell the federal government around $16 billion in commercial paper. Like the financing wing of most automakers — Toyota, BMW, GMAC and Chrysler also participated — Ford found itself in need of liquidity when the lending markets dried up.

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