Fast and Furious — killing people to weaken the Second Amendment

Many, many have written on this, but I like Keith Koffler’s summation the best, as I think he does a remarkably good getting to the core point about the latest twist in Fast and Furious.  He also manages to highlight why I like Rush:  Rush is not afraid to identify and accurately predict the evil that lurks in the heart of Progressives.

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  • jj

    One of the many things I wonder about us – the “F***ing Idiot” – as opposed to the “Greatest” – Generation, is how the ATF came into being, and got a mandate to sneak around and bite us in the collective ass in the first place.
    I mean simple, obvious stuff – like who decided thirty years ago, or whenever the hell it was, that just what the country needed was another armed internal army?  We already had the CIA (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know – they don’t operate inside the US – and the moon really isn’t green cheese, it’s Muenster); the FBI; the Secret Service/Treasury; the NSA; the ICE guys; and the National Guard.  (Our government really doesn’t like the concept of “free people” much, does it?  And we’re ass enough – the “F***ing Idiot Generation,” after all – to let them get away with it.)
    But I wonder where these bullet-headed morons came from.  Their history – Ruby Ridge, Waco, half a dozen others, and now this latest performance – has been cock-up after cock-up after cock-up – and they are, apparently, free of any possibility of consequence for this stellar record.  I mean, these are stupid, dangerous, people.  Who the hell wished them into existence, and turned them loose on us?  With what excuse?  How many armed and not-very-bright internal armies do we need wandering around the country?
    And Eric Holder is beyond belief.  I wouldn’t let him baby-sit my dogs, it’d be beyond him.  He’s another Affirmative Action hire – just like Michelle, at her old $300K a year job at the hospital in Chicago that was so important, so crucial, and so worth $300K a year that they haven’t bothered to fill it – or even advertise it and attempt to fill it – since she left.   I don’t know what Holder has on Obama, but it must be considerable, because he’s a walking tower of ineptitude, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard the man sound other than stupid.  That’s how hard law school is, guys: Eric Holder graduated.
    And now of course he’s been caught lying to congress about this Fast & Witless stuff, and they tell me that’s a crime.  (I occasionally wonder why, I must admit: congress lies to the rest of us all day every day – but okay.)  So I expect to see something bad happen to this jackass at some point pretty soon here, and I further expect to see something happen to this gathering of halfwits, the ATF.  It’s past time they were disbanded for being merely useless on their best days, positively dangerous on any average one.
    I imagine I won’t see it, though.  My cohort, the “F***ing Idiot Generation” won’t demand it.

  • Old Buckeye

    jj, couldn’t agree more about the ATF. I was on a jury for a drug running case where the ATF was involved. They had the guy under video surveillance and they stopped filming immediately before he took possession of the drugs–so of course we couldn’t nail him on possession! Thankfully, ICE was involved and took possession of him to ship him back across the border.

  • Indigo Red

    ATF should be shut down. Two thirds – alcohol and tobacco – of the agency is obsolete, booze is legal and tobacco is being put out of business by the Surgeon General and private enterprise measures of people just not buying the product at the levels of yesteryear. That leaves firearms which should be covered by the FBI.

    ATF was tasked with tracking paperwork – firearm applications, registration, ownership transfers, and the like. That’s exactly what the Bush ATF was doing in the original 2006 F&F operation and they never allowed guns to walk anywhere before the bad guys were apprehended. In Sep 2009, the Obama DOJ reviewed the operation and decided it was ineffective for arresting the drug kingpins, so it was strongly suggested that additional measures be taken to get to the bosses in Mexico; Fast and Furious and the ATF mission was expanded (illegally, I think) to allow guns to walk across the international border.

    Armed operations were not part of the ATF mandate until Obama took office; previously, when weapons were needed, from the 1780s onward, the US Marshal Service was called and later the FBI was added. Now, nearly every agency has its own armed force, including the Dept of Education that caused a stir a few years back by ordering a dozen Remington shotguns. And, that’s just the Feds, the 50 (or 57) states have their own armed alphabet mashup. This year,  folks in my area of California were dismayed to learn that many Sacramento area High Schools have their own armed police force. This is nuts. Far too many armed and uncoordinated agencies running around. It’s no wonder Black Friday this year saw more firearms applications than any other day ever.

  • Ymarsakar

    Obama told you all he was going to get his own army, a civilian security force, just as well armed as the US military. People weren’t listening it seems.

  • suek

    The Bush program interacted with the Mexican government. Fast and Furious has _no_ interaction with the Mexicans. The Mexican government apparently has had _no_ information about guns being allowed to move into their country from the US.*

    Now I ask you…how did they think they were going to track those guns after they went across the US/Mexican border? What did they think they were going to do about them after they crossed? If the Mexican government was not in any way involved, and if they weren’t planning an across the border incursion, I suspect they were just sending guns to drug runners.

    I don’t understand why no one in Congress has asked them what the plan was for the after the border issue…

    *Not that I hold the Mexican government blameless. If they’d control the border from _their_ side, _we_ wouldn’t have some of the problems we do. If they’re going to wink wink at north bound traffic, I guess they deserve some south bound traffic.

  • Ymarsakar

    “Now I ask youEow did they think they were going to track those guns after they went across the US/Mexican border? ”
    They weren’t planning on tracking em. They were planning on staging a false flag operation and using the registry numbers to implicate American gun dealers and shut them down. Like they nationalized GM and banks and etc. First the crisis, then the “solution”.
    The Mexican government is getting billions of dollars, some from the drug cartel bribes, from Mexican laborers in the US. They’re not shutting anything down from their end of the chain, nor can they convince the drug cartels to shut anything down. Mexican army is still busy dealing with rebellions and crazy stuff going on at the south of their border.


  • suek

    That would be a “duh”, Y.

    But don’t you wonder why the question hasn’t been asked?? It seems to me that it would pretty much give the game away… (the false flag operation, that is)

  • Ymarsakar

    Not really. If I ever asked why the truth isn’t broadly known, I can always look towards human ignorance. And if that doesn’t do the trick, malice after thought from evil Leftist propaganda will.

  • Jose

    This is the same DOJ that wanted to prosecute CIA agents for water boarding 3 Islamic terrorists to prevent death and destruction.
    Now that they have been caught smuggling guns to drug terrorists, who’ve killed countless Mexicans, they can’t find anyone who did anything wrong.

  • Ymarsakar

    It used to be in house wars that you had to kill all the women and children, in order for there to be no witnesses later on. The DOJ is just doing as the Left commanded them, getting rid of competitors and those who would have gotten in the way of the real torture.



    “This is the same DOJ that wanted to prosecute CIA agents for water boarding 3 Islamic terrorists to prevent death and destruction.”

    There was a time when opposing generals met before a battle. They’d exchange terms and gentlemanly propriety before trying to kill one another.
    Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) might have fit into that age. He purposefully strode across a crowded House Judiciary Committee hearing room Thursday morning and held his hand out to Attorney General Eric Holder. The attorney general flinched when he noticed Issa suddenly so close before looking submissively down at the room’s blue carpet as he quickly took then let go of Issa’s hand.

  • Ymarsakar

    The corruption in the US can only be excised by fire and death. That’s my answer, if you ask me. Of course, if someone really thinks they can change DC and the political class, good luck to them. Until I’m proven wrong, I’m not wrong.