San Francisco Chronicle columnist warns city’s rational thinkers not to roll in the mud with one specific fringe group

Here’s the lede:

The great thing about living in San Francisco is that it is socially and culturally responsible. The bad thing is, a city that is so socially and culturally responsible can’t resist taking the bait when a fringe group tries to provoke a reaction.

In a non-Bizarro world, one might think that the columnist, C.W. Nevius, is advising San Franciscans to ignore the OWSers camped out along the Embarcadero.  What better way to avoid the drugs, feces and vomit?  Except that can’t be right take on that lede because even San Francisco, with its seemingly endless tolerance for all things Progressive, cleared out the OWS camp a couple of months ago because it was a public health hazard.

Or maybe Nevius is advising San Franciscans to avoid the antisemitic/anti-American hate fest that occurs whenever the Progressive crowd takes to the streets of San Francisco to oppose the wars the U.S. is fighting against Al Qaeda and the Taliban.  Nope.  Can’t be that.  Those protests ended when Obama took the White House, even though it took another three years for one war to wrap up and the other is still going strong.

Hmm.  Maybe Nevius is telling San Franciscans to stay away from the annual Up Your Alley Fair, an open air celebration of pretty much unlimited debauchery.  Or the annual Folsom Street Fair, which features less nudity, but more whips and chains.

I mean, frankly, when it comes to “fringe groups” that are trying “to provoke a reaction,” San Francisco certain has more than its fair share.

This being San Francisco, however, Nevius had something even more fringey in mind, something so horrifying that even San Francisco’s usual crew of protesters, the ones who will take off their clothes to protest anything, including their right to take off their clothes, are being warned away lest they get damaged by contact with this extremist organization.  What is this diabolical gathering, the one so out there that San Franciscans need to hide in their homes rather than validate it with confrontation?

The 8th Annual Walk For Life, which will be held on January 21, 2012, in San Francisco.  Last year, this “fringe” group managed to gather around 40,000 people, all of whom frightened ordinary San Franciscans by wearing normal clothes, walking peaceably, and carrying signs that support life.  (Zombie has an illustrative photo essay from the 2010 walk.)

Nevius, who sometimes distinguishes himself by being amongst the more sensible columnists by San Francisco Chronicle standards, embraces San Francisco’s amorality, however, when he says that the City, en masse, should ignore this pro-Life plague:

The best approach, of course, would be to let them [the pro-Life walkers] have their moment, ignore them, and then go back to real life in San Francisco. That’s the approach that will be taken by the local chapter of Planned Parenthood.


Naturally, not everyone feels that way, and we can just about count on clashes between the two groups. There will be disagreements about the size of the crowds – protesters claim that the walk organizers overestimate the size of the march, and members of the walk claim that the number of protesters decreases every year.

At the end of the day, it comes down to a classic example of sound and fury signifying nothing. When the walk concludes Saturday, you can bet that no one will have changed his or her position, although everyone will be congratulating himself or herself for standing up for the cause.

I’ve done enough abortion posts for you guys to know that I’m conflicted on this subject.  I grew up totally pro-Choice, focused entirely on the woman’s needs and convenience.  As I’ve aged — and had children — I’ve no longer been able to deny that there is another life involved.  I want to deny it.  If, God forbid, my daughter shows up pregnant at 15, I want to say “Oh, never mind, darling!  I’ll just take you to the doctor and that’ll be that,” but I don’t think I can anymore.  It’s not a woman’s convenience versus a cell’s existence.  It’s a life versus a life.

So when C.W. Nevius says “[w]hen the walk concludes Saturday, you can bet that no one will have changed his or her position,” he’s plain wrong.  The walk may be the last link in the chain for someone who is struggling, as I struggle, with making a u-turn in a profound belief system, one that forces us to confront who we are and what value we place upon ourselves.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    I used to like Nevius when he was on the sports pages, which still has the best writing in the Chronicle. But he’s been writing on the general pages, well above his pay grade, for several years now, and I’ve become used to the Kool-Aid scent that surrounds his prose.
    What he’s missing, of course, is the sheer ballsyness of 30,000 fresh-faced people walking down the main street of America’s most debased city (sexually, that is—Detroit is another thang) telling the sullen, sallow-complected “progressives” who are slowly destroying it that pro-abortion’s day has come and is now fading as people awaken to the blood bath it has created.
    Now that is a story. San Francisco is the home of some of the most cowardly people in the United States. Even though they are surrounded by naked emperors, mendacity, disease, filth, and incompetence, they dare not squawk. Squawkers don’t get laid or invited to the good parties. Worse, they don’t get to join the gravy train of money from government tit and approbation from the local bien pensants. Nevius is not about to de-butter his bread.

  2. MacG says

    The Cron is just hostile to Christians.  Yesterday Jon Carrol’s column was titled “The Lutherans seemed so nice,too” He tried to make it about the supreme court siding with the Church but the headline makes it about mean Christians firing a teacher with a disability – narcolepsy.  Just what you want, a legal guardian dozing off in class.  However he did get the first amendment right by including the anti-prohibition clause which most establishment clause shouters seems to never get to.
    A couple of years ago Tom Amiano and Mark Leno said from the City Hall steps that a Christian youth concert/rally were disgusting and should not be allowed in the City.  So much for tolerance.

  3. says

    This is why I like the hand that deals death. Because no matter how much you can heal or create, there’s one thing that’s certain about a decadent rotting place like California. You can always plant new seeds upon scorched earth.

  4. MacG says

    Here’s another inflammatory headline in the SFGate: Students Beaten for Tebowing The article linked to reports that the two students that Tebowed were beaten after the game however last year when these two teams played before Tebow was a thorn in the media’s eye there was violence between these tow schools.  It seems that Tebowing had nothing to do with perse but gave the SFGate a chance to gloat that the uppity Christian’s got their comeuppance.


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