The Obama administration’s “compromise” re the Health Care mandate is a scam

You guys are all too smart to fall for the fake compromise the Obama administration offered to organizations that do not want to pay for women’s birth control, sterilization, and abortifacients.  Just in case you missed the story, though, let me quote from Ace, who drills into the heart of the deceit behind this offer:

All Obama’s doing is mandating that employers enter into a contract with insurers in which both parties pretend that the base cost of the service is higher than it is, and that abortifacient coverage now costs zero dollars.

Obama’s mandate solution is now just to force the conscience-objectors to lie about it.

The old mandate was just to provide abortifacents. The “solution” just adds a new mandate on top of that one: That you lie about that fact in a legal contract.

Read the rest here.

The Anchoress has assembled a list of posts on this subject.  So far, no one, including the Bishops, seems to be fooled.

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  • Lyte Lee

    In regards to “Contraceptus Maundatoos,” I’m just waiting for push to come to shove when the Jackals in the adminstration unleash pitbull Holder to beat, legally speaking, into submission the enemies of our culture, the religious, when they stand up to dis pres dential bully.  Ever since the immaculate deception swearing in of Da pres, (t)his administration and dem et al has been remarkably and uncharacteristically transparent in it’s unabashed hostility for all things traditional in our nation, even more so of those who hold them in high regard.  Maybe, just maybe, enough sleepers will awaken from the dream of hope and total  totalitarian wanna be transformation and start listening with their ears instead of their eyes and thinking with their minds instead of their felines.  One can only hope for real.

  • Lyte Lee

    Won Mo Thang,

    I’ve always considered Bore Rock II B a disengenius liya…

  • Ymarsakar

    I’m still waiting for the Left to show their true colors.

  • Earl

    You’re really going to stand out on this blog, LL….folks here generally write in English and treat even those they disagree with respectfully.
    Spend a bit of time reading and get with the program, friend…..or go troll on some other blog.
    If I’ve misjudged the situation, you can just spend a bit of time reading and get with the program, then come back and comment again.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I agree, Earl. Tiresome, very tiresome. Boring. Offers nothing of substance. It’s a troll.

  • Charles Martel

    Lyte Lee, I’m not sure that Holder has enough mojo left in his tank to intimidate anybody, unleashed or not. He’s collecting enough enemies left and right without adding the Catholic and Baptist churches to his swelling ranks of opponents.
    As to whether this is the long-awaited wake-up call for all the zombies who voted Obama in, I’m hoping like you that it is.