Progressives rewrite history to suit their needs

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the fact that “the most brilliant president ever” doesn’t know the difference between an endorser and an endorsee.  As you may recall, an Abraham Lincoln impersonator showed up at Obama’s campaign event, leading Obama to say “‘My homeboy from Illinois,’ Obama said, ‘and an outstanding Republican endorsee.'”

I had a good laugh at the genius’s expense, but there was something else in the underlying news story that’s been niggling at me about that news story.  What bugged me finally popped into focus this morning, when I made my daily visit to Ace of Spades and saw the cartoon I reprint below.

It all starts with that original news story.  We learned there that the impersonator, Lance Mack, has been making a fine living attending Republican events.  Apparently, though, he doesn’t pay much attention at those events, because he’s a staunch Democrat.  Mack has no problem pretending to be Lincoln, though:

“Today’s Republicans either don’t know or won’t acknowledge if they do that the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln of 1860 was the progressive party and the Democratic Party was the conservative party,” Mack says. “Mr. Obama, of course, greatly admires President Lincoln. He’s quoted him in many speeches. He also used Lincoln’s Bible upon which to place his hand for his inaugural oath.”

Wow!  This is 1984-style revisionism with a vengeance.  As best as I can tell, Mack’s theory is that anything good that happened historically was “progressive,” and anything bad was “conservative,” so today’s Progressives ( who were, as little as ten years ago, still called Democrats) can claim the mantle of any political outcome that the approved history books like.

You can play this game forever, you know:  During the Revolutionary War, the Americans were the progressive party and the British were the conservative party, so today’s Progressives, everyone ranging from Obama to Pelosi to Axelrod, wears that revolutionary mantle.  And during the Jim Crow era, the anti-Jim Crow Republicans were the progressives and the pro-Jim Crow Democrats were the conservatives, which means that all of today’s Progressives and Democrats can wear the Civil Rights mantle.

I won’t belabor this point because, at Ace, I found the perfect cartoon from The People’s Cube.  I do believe that this cartoon proves, once again, that one good picture is worth a thousand (or maybe ten thousand) of my words:

I’d give a People’s Cube link for the above cartoon, but I can’t find one, and that’s despite scrolling through the archives with some vigor.  What I can tell you though, after having scrolled through those archives, is that you should visit the People’s Cube.  I’ve been aware of the site for a long time, but had never actually checked it out.  It’s really phenomenal.

I’m actually not surprised by the satiric brilliance on display there. The proprietor and creative genius is Oleg Atbashian, who grew up in the Soviet Union. The one thing that the Soviet overlords couldn’t take away from the people was satire. Those who refused to bow down to the cognitive dissonance created by a totalitarian state understood that, sometimes, their only refuge — and weapon — was humor.

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  • Karl
    There’s a search box near the top of their page.

  • pakurilecz
  • JKB

    I love the rewrite that the pro-Jim Crow Dems went wholesale Republican after 1965.  You wonder why someone wouldn’t be ashamed to be so wrong.  But they keep arguing.  I had the experience  a couple days ago on an OTB caption contest.  Finally, the brilliant bit of history below was offered:
    JKB, put down the wingnut crack pipe – Nixon and Reagan with the southern strategy changed the face of southern politics for a generation, just as LBJ predicted after signing the civil and voting rights acts in the mid 60s condemning the Dems to walk the wilderness for decades.
    For you to keep your infantile prattle going about this is embarrassing.

    They are even willing to deny the Democrat control of Congress for the next 30 years, until 1994.  Or is that “wilderness”?  Really, who can be blamed for Carter?

    We’ll skip over their desperate belief that the South shifted parties for racist reasons.  Heck, they can’t even accept the Hollywood version of racism in the South is no longer even close to the truth.   

  • notomarx

    The picture you found is very good.  Pictures have a way of showing the truth that words can not say.  It has been my contention that from the start with Marx and Friedrich Engles and even Plato lived off others. Marx was jealous of achievers.  The left  consider themselves above the norm, exceptional and worthy of total dedication from those around them.
    Bookworm you are one of the best at defining Communism.  Thanks for the Picture it says it nicely.

  • Randall Woodman

    Actually, history gives us a rosy picture of Lincoln but the truth of the matter is that Lincoln talked a good talk but if you were taught in schools some of the things he actually did, you would be shocked. Here are a few items to ponder.You can learn more by reading the book Lincoln Unmasked.

     Suspension of Habeas Corpus.  He did this on his own without the approval of congress.  He then threw reporters in jail who disagreed with him without recourse.  When the court overturned this, he just ignored them.
    He won re-election in 1864 through a variety of questionable tactics, including having Union troops redeployed to states to pressure and intimidate voters.
    He never had a particularly high opinion of blacks, starting from indifference to the plight of slavery and eventually concluding that freed slaves should be shipped back to Africa.
    He fought for quite a while to preserve slavery in Border States and only turned to emancipating slaves as a last-ditch strategy for weakening the Confederacy. (As for Lincoln’s views on the morality of the subject, keep in mind that he was not a Christian; in fact, Lincoln wrote a small book explicitly rejecting the veracity of the Bible.)
    He kept Border States like Maryland loyal to the Union by first promising not to end slavery there, then by hauling away political leaders without trial.

    There’s more, a lot more.Lincoln was a believer in a strong central government and used the war and its aftermath to create and consolidate that power that affects us to this day.I recommend you get the book Lincoln Unmasked.You will learn things you were never taught in school and it will change your impression of Lincoln forever.

  • Call me Lennie

    Here’s your Peoplescube link, Bookie.  It can be quite difficult to find things there unless you’re an old hand.  If you had clicked on “Collective Blog” and then “View as Forum” you would have seen the title almost instantly

  • Call me Lennie

    Oops, gave you a quasi bum steer.  However, if you scroll down about seven posts you’ll find what you’re looking for
    And say, if you go over to the Peoplescube’s Homepage you’ll see the link “Music and Video” which takes you to “thepeopleskaraoke”  I’m one of the main parodists there.  You’ll see my name in the index dozens of times.  Check out my satire on the recent ruling on Obamacare called “SCOTUS Decree” based on Frank Zappa’s “Cosmik Debris”  One of the big wigs over there said it might be the most intelligent parody ever posted over there.

  • Danny Lemieux

    This is right along with the idea that Liberal/Progressives confuse ideas for facts while Conservatives use facts to develop ideas.

    The Progressive world view is rife with mythology…just look at how they reinvented the glory days of FDR and the Great Depression (yay, that’s a happy-day scenario), deny the links between the American progressive movement and National Socialism (Hitler referred to Progressive icon Madison Grant’s book on eugenics and race theory as his “bible”) and recast Kennedy’s and Johnson’s Vietnam War as “Nixon’s War”. Their latest attempt to link Democrat racism, support for slavery and 19th Century lynchings (of Republicans, not just blacks) to “Republican” values is just par-for-the-course magical thinking.

    There was a time when I believed that the debate between Leftwing Progressivism and conservative-libertarianism could be bridged by reason. How naive I was. 

  • bizcor

    That was a pretty interesting website.

  • Nexus Arcana

    Excellent article.