The predictable Democrat ad hominem attack against those special forces who fear the administration’s loose lips

Yesterday, I urged you to view a 22 minute video that a 501(c) organization put together to show how severely the publicity-hungry Obama administration has damaged America’s national security and the risks to which that same administration has exposed its special ops forces and human intelligence assets, both at home and abroad.

The Democrats have reacted in predictable fashion, not by addressing the challenge leveled against the administration, but by using a “guilt by association” tactic.  As Bruce Kesler discusses, they’ve latched onto a quotation from one retired SEAL who admits to being a Birther and claimed that he discredits every accusation brought against the administration.

In law, we call this an ad hominem, or personal attack.  In law, we also understand that a party uses ad hominem attacks only when it has no other credible argument to make.  If you can’t defend on either the law or the facts, call your opponent names.

Certainly, one can challenge Birtherism, but the fact that a highly qualified, experienced military veteran also happens to be a Birther doesn’t discredit him on the subject of national security.  Getting back to the law again, the law has always recognized the difference between “insanity,” which is a complete disconnect from reality, and a “monomania,” which may simply be an intellectual blind spot in the knowledge and intelligence of an otherwise highly able individual.

In any event, you just know the Democrats have a weak argument when the best person they can find to drag out in front of the cameras is . . . John Kerry.

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  1. Libby says

    Likening this to “swift-boating,” and having Kerry issue their response, intentionally trivializes what the OPSEC and other similar organizations are charging. This isn’t about disproving one man’s oft-repeated lies about his own military service, this is about the intentional drip-drip-drip of national security secrets to the press and film makers for political gain. I expect they’re doing their best to get the MSM to disregard it quickly.

  2. Call me Lennie says

    They’re falling right into a trap aren’t they?  Unlike the Swift Boat veterans, these allegations and facts are known and understood by thousands and thousands of SEALS and Green Berets and intelligence proffessionals and high level officers.  And as the MSM tries to smear and shut them up, more and more military will speak up
    So then we’ll see the prospect of an American Commander in Chief smearing the military, even as he attempts to take credit for a certain military mission.  Wonder how that’s going to work out?
    Four years ago that would have been a rhetorical question.  But now I actually wonder if half of America is so infantile and decadent that Obama will actually pull this off

  3. Mike Devx says

    And The Media glorified the Great Obama, praising him to the Heavens.  “He Is The Good, he is All of the Good, and all of your problems, lay them not at His Feet,” the Media proclaimed.  And the men and women, conditioned to believe what they were told, believed what they were told.

    Until the little boy pushed his way into the streetm appearing from the crowd, and pointed at The Obama, and said to the Media, “I hear what you say, but I do not understand what you say.  For look and you shall see: This emperor has no clothes!”

    And the gullible people fell silent, and the scales fell from their eyes, as they were shamed by the wisdom of a child.  A child who had not yet learned Not to see.

  4. says

    This is why wars are often fought. To solve problems people keep arguing about but never getting anywhere. Eventually people get to the point where not solving the problem costs more than waging a war to FIX the Problem.

     All you need to know is how long it will take for people to get to that point and what iron fist measures can delay it.



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