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John Pavlovitz shows that Leftist arguments are fact-free and hate-filled

John Pavlovitz is a hugely popular Progressive preacher. He also exemplifies everything that’s wrong with how Progressives approach Trump’s presidency. Have you ever heard of John Pavlovitz? Right. I hadn’t heard of him either. Still, thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can quickly learn about him. According to

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Washington Post National Security

Media frenzy re Trump obscures frightening national security implications

The frenzy about Trump’s alleged leaks is hypocritical after the pass given to Hillary and, worse, it obscures truly important national security concerns. How many things are wrong with the progressive left going to Defcon One over the claim made in the Washington Post that “Trump revealed highly classified information

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Judge Derrick Watson 9th Circuit Refugees ruling Rule of Law

The Bookworm Beat 3/16/17 — the illustrated refugees edition *UPDATED*

Following the 9th Circuit’s tyrannical refugees ruling, here is astute visual commentary as well as links to cogent analyses of the decision’s myriad flaws. In honor of Judge Derrick K. Watson’s 43-page, law free rant against Donald Trump’s perfectly constitutional executive order, today I’m offering you a special illustrated edition

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Progressive v. Conservative ideologies, not the candidates, are the real drivers in this election *UPDATED*

A Progressive friend is relentlessly pushing “Trump is awful” stories on me. I, a conservative, invariably counter by pointing out that Hillary’s list of sins and failures is infinitely worse. I realized yesterday that my arguments are irrelevant. My friend will never vote for someone who is not 100% pro-abortion,

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The Bill of Indictment against Hillary Clinton — by Guest Blogger JK Brown

The following bill of indictment, which guest blogger JK Brown authored, is particularly timely in light of Harry Reid’s unseemly suggestion that America’s CIA and other security agencies lie to Trump because he’s “dangerous,” when Hillary is the only candidate running who handed America’s secrets over to foreign powers: ***

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Trump brilliantly trolls the Hillary campaign about her emails

Trump is simultaneously a dream and a nightmare candidate. Stylistically, I adore his fearlessness, his utter disdain for political correctness, and his unfettered willingness to take the fight to the Left. Simultaneously, I dislike his carelessness with facts, his checkered (to say the least) ideological history, his scary stream-of-consciousness riffs,

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