President Silver-Tongue is remarkably tactless of late

My post title says President Obama has been tactless of late.  That’s not true.  He’s always been tactless.  Remember him denigrating handicapped people on the Jay Leno show?

Lately, though, the President has upped his game.  Last week, shortly before the Sandy Hook shooting that saw myriad children die, Obama “jokingly” told Barbara Walters why he really ran for president:

Secret service guarding Obamas

We joke sometimes about how Malia’s getting to the age now, and boys start calling and, you know, sort of, I always talk about how one of the main incentives for running again was continuing Secret Service protection to have men with guns around at all times. . . .

For a president who has sat back while hundreds of black children have died on the streets of Chicago and other cities, it’s impossible to imagine a more tactless remark.  The remark reverberates especially strongly now, since Obama’s minions have gotten hysterical at the thought that the children of ordinary Americans should also be protected by armed guards.

You’d think Obama had topped his game with that one, but you’d be wrong.  Unaided, our esteemed President just came up with another spectacularly tactless remark, this one about Benghazi (where four men, including an American ambassador, were brutally murdered on Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s watch) (emphasis mine):

Bloody fingerprints in Benghazi

When you read the report, and it confirms what we had already seen based on some of our internal reviews, there was just some sloppiness, not intentional, in terms of how we secure embassies in areas where you essentially don’t have governments that have a lot of capacity to protect those embassies.  So we’re doing a thorough renew. not only will we implement all the recommendations that were made, but we’ll try to do more than that. You know, with respect to who carried it out, that’s an ongoing investigation. The FBI has sent individuals to Libya repeatedly. We have some very good leads.

Videos don’t kill people.  Terrorists don’t kill people.  Nooo, nooo.  What kills people is sloppiness.  I’m sure the families of the four dead men were relieved to hear that nothing really bad killed their loved ones.

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  • Zhombre

    A supercilious, shallow, conceited prick.  

  • Kevin_B

    Hussein Obama, the thug in chief.

  • ami

    Yeah. Just some sloppiness. No big deal.
    It wasn’t intentional, which makes it okay, right?

  • David Foster

    “Just some sloppiness”
    If employees of an airline forget to put enough first-class meals and bottles of wine aboard for a flight, that’s sloppiness. If employees of that same airline ignore the obvious oil leaks on their preflight walk-around, then elect to continue the flight rather than diverting even though they can see the oil quantity gages dropping…and finally, after the engines freeze up from oil starvation, crash-land the plane in a field, killing four passengers..most people would say that’s something worse than “sloppiness.”
    The Benghazi debacle is a lot closer to the second scenario than to the first.

  • Ymarsakar

    Evil tends to have a hankering for torturing the weak. No matter how sweet sounding the words are, the actions eventually show through.