Education for the brainwashed generation

I know I’m just grumpy, but this promotional mailing from Ithaca College rubbed me the wrong way:

Ithaca flier

Ready to write environmental wrongs.  Ithaca College will turn your academic passions into unforgettable experiences — and make you ready for the adventure of your life.

I know that the first sentence is meant to be a clever pun, but it’s not.  At first glance, I thought it was a typo or blatant grammatical error.  On second reading, I thought Ithaca was promising to teach students how to plan to create environmental wrongs.  On third reading, I realized that Ithaca is offering to teach students how to “list” environmental wrongs, although I suspect there’ll be a fair dollop of creative writing (i.e., anthropogenic climate change) thrown in.

The whole thing — with the smug girl and the promise that documenting, or making up, environmental wrong is the “adventure of your life” — made me queasy.

Am I overreacting?  I probably am.  But as Kurt Schlichter said about Lena Dunham’s and HBO’s vile, nihilistic show Girls, we need to know what’s out there, because it is out there, and it’s aimed at our children.

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  • David Foster

    Reminds me of a sleazy ad I saw from Cornell.
    Even sleazier, and more like the ad you cite, is an ad I saw from one of the lesser campuses of the U Maryland system, with the same kind of “activism” theme.

  • Mike Devx

    “Ready to write environmental wrongs” as a reason to go to college… and to choose that particular college!  Ugh.
    I’ve got some others that took about a minute of thought.
    “Win or go Homer”
    “To be perfectly Franklin, you have a Republic… if you can keep it.”
    “Is that a real Plato Spaghetti, or just a reflection of one?”
    But Ithaca college is all about writing environmental wrongs.  I wonder if employment with their degree will be, er, Sustainable?   Vomit.

  • Libby

    This appears to refer to Ithaca College’s Environmental Studies degree, which looks about as useful as  most “- Studies” degrees: Training little activists who must find “problems” to “fix” via their activism.
    “Do you like looking at complex current issues from a variety of perspectives: scientific, economic, ethical, political and historical? Do you long to lobby Congress for the clean fuels agenda or promote sustainability in your community? The Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences offers a wealth of opportunities for personal and career development.”

  • Charles Martel

    “Is that a real Plato Spaghetti, or just a reflection of one?”
    Devx, take yourself out to the woodshed, young man, and wait for SADIE and me to arrive!

  • Ymarsakar

    English language is becoming EngSoc in 1984. Except it ain’t 1984 now is it.
    Strangely enough, colleges are considered in the US to be a fun time. In Japan, high school is considered the fun time, college is considered to be training for adulthood.

  • Alix

    What continues to amaze me is how different our perceptions are from our liberal friends.  It seems so obvious to me that this ad and this ‘major’ is just junk.  But they see it as enlightened.  It is two different worlds.

  • JKB

    One must presume these “environmental wrongs” will be fed to them to write about.  If the college was advertising that they will teach students to investigate the environment and perhaps find wrongs, they couldn’t guarantee that wrongs would be found.  So much for the hope of learning critical thinking.  Or even the scientific method.  


    Not to be outdone …. 
    The University of Minnesota is holding a seminar later this year for its female students to help them achieve greater and more frequent orgasms. According to a document on the university’s Event’s Calendar, “The Female Orgasm: A Program About Sexual Health and Women’s Empowerment” is set to occur on April 10th where “orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders are welcome to come learn about everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot.”
    Oh dear, how not to make this a XXX comment …
    From the photo [insert your college, university or object of choice] “will turn your academic passions into unforgettable experiences – and make you ready for the adventure of your life.” I would have called it a “Semenar” but the caveat was that all genders (there’s more than two – who knew) are invited. I can only surmise that intent like Ithacas’ is to either teach how to screw someone else or yourself.

  • David Foster

    Sadie…the U-Minnesota seminar is entirely consistent with an overall trend in our society: people aren’t supposed to know how to do ANYTHING unless they learn it from a professor or other approved expert, in a classroom setting.