Lois Lerner’s demand for immunity before she’ll testify before Congress

The IRS’s Lois Lerner, who bungled taking the Fifth the last time she appeared before Congress, is now set to return to Congress.  Her lawyer has announced, however, that she’ll testify only in return for immunity, otherwise her lips are sealed.

It seems to me that whether Congress takes her up on that offer depends on how much information she has.  If she’s a criminal pipsqueak, giving her immunity means she gets away with a crime, while offering nothing in return.  However, since she is a highly placed IRS functionary, if the agrees to sing like a birdie, it may well be worth it simply to get information on everyone else.  Having said that, I suspect that there are people in government who will not be thrilled if she talks.  Am I being overwrought if I think that she might actually find herself at risk if her testimony has the potential to send high government officials to jail?

I deeply disrespect the Obama administration, from the top down, but it’s a big step from disliking them to considering them capable of turning to violence or even murder.  It seems to me that Lerner, who knows the administration better than I do, assumes that they will not hurt her, or else she wouldn’t have made the offer.  Even if the whole administration doesn’t go rogue, though, there may still be some lone fruit-loop out there who will stop at nothing to avoid jail or just the end of a career.  If I were Lerner, I’d look very carefully before crossing any streets.

What’s your take on this?  Would you offer her immunity in exchange for information?

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  1. Gringo says

    I would give her immunity for information. I would like detailed questions not  just about her time with the IRS, but about her time with the FEC. What she did to Republican Senate candidate Al Salvi should be given wide publicity. Those Democrats who view the Federal Government as a branch of the Democrat Party, such as Lois Lerner, should have their unethical ways given as much publicity as possible. Please sing, Lois, the more that we can humiliate you and your kind.
    Can she be prosecuted for having perjured herself already?
    http://www.standupamericaus.org/breaking-news/lois-lerner-from-the-fec-to-the-irs-same-story/ http://www.fireandreamitchell.com/2013/05/18/the-nine-lies-of-irs-official-lois-lerner/

  2. Robert Arvanitis says

    Let the small fish escape, to jail the big criminals.  In fact, let ALL the other malfeasors go, if we can see obama in an orange jumpsuit.

  3. Charles Martel says

    There is a Rubicon waiting somewhere for the Obama regime. So far it has been content to slander, verbally assail, manipulate its media lackeys to function as attack dogs, ignore the Constitution—but, outside its union goons in Wisconsin, it has not yet crossed the line into actual physical mayhem.
    Operative word is yet.

  4. dustoffmom says

    My immediate thought when I first heard this remains the one that comes first to mind now.  If, as she so vehemently declared, she has “done nothing wrong” then pray tell for what is she demanding immunity??

  5. Danny Lemieux says

    It’s coming, Hammer. 
    Tim, I am no attorney but my impression is that any prevarication violates the terms of an immunity deal. Book would know.


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