Just Because Music: Runrig’s “Loch Lomond”

When we were touring Loch Lomond, our guide played this song for us.  The more I listened to this non-traditional version of Loch Lomond, the more I liked it — better than the very classic, vaguely operatic version that my father bequeathed me.  It’s rather thrilling how the energy keeps picking up as the song progresses, until it goes from ballad to march.  (And have I mentioned, about 800,000 times, that my Dad was still piped into battle during WWII, so this song meant a lot to him?)

And I know what it reminds me of stylistically:

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  • Charles Martel

    Book, what a fine Star Spangled Banner. It’s good to hear rockers who get it singing the anthem in a way that—one hopes—reaches the young and naive.
    Or the old and farty, like me.

  • Ellen

    Most of the time I am a Star Spangled Banner purist, but this is WONDERFUL!!!   It gets my blood stirred and puts tears in my eyes.  And right now I want to make everyone listen to it.

  • raven397

    Many an old standard can be refreshed.  a version of Auld Lang Syne, far different from the drunken roar
    that it usually is, was done by Mairi Campbell.  it always brings tears to my eyes–