Barack Obama and the new world of the permanent campaign

I wasn’t paying attention, but it seems that the New York Times now has a dedicated Hillary reporter, even though the elections is more than three years away.  Does this mean that we can finally abandon the pretense of media impartiality?  This far in advance, having that kind of round-the-clock, individualized coverage from what many still consider (Gawd knows why) the premier paper in America, amounts to three years worth of non-cash campaign contributions.

Here’s one question for you, though:  Do you think that a dedicated reporter will be able, not just to cover, but to cover for Hillary for an entire three years?  It’s almost impossible to believe that, considering their own actions, their cronies’ actions, and their Foundation’s financial shenanigans, Hillary will be able to keep her nose clean.

And I haven’t forgotten that the National Enquirer, which doesn’t lie anymore about famous figures since the Carol Burnett lawsuit, claims that she’s working on a tell-all biography in which she finally admits that she’s been lying to Americans for decades by pretending she’s not a lesbian.  In that regard, it’s not the lesbianism that I mind, it’s the lying.  More than that, having her hold such a potentially embarrassing secret while she was First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, raises the distinct possibility that unfriendly world players, such as Russia, have been able to blackmail her, her husband, and her political allies, over the years.

By the way, Seth Mandel has a much deeper, and more thoughtful, post about the ramifications of the Times’ decision.

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  • Charles Martel

    Book, you ask if the NYT‘s reporter will be able to go a long three years covering for Hillary. By herself, I doubt that she will. But keep in mind two things: 1.) The reporter will function as a sort of early warning system who can alert both Hillary and the Times to potential problems, which 2.) will allow the media and Democrats to activate Big Smokescreen, the great deflecto machine that distracts true believers’ and low-info voters’ attention from having to worry or think.
    So, your concern about Hillary’s lapdog-to-be is touching, but unnecessary.
    As for Hillary’s possible membership in the Sapphic Sorority, it will 1.) come as no surprise; 2.) be welcomed as a sign of Hillary’s vaunted ability to empathize with the underbitch; and 3.) make the rest of us understand that since Bill wasn’t getting any at home he had a perfect excuse for having sex with “that woman.” 

  • Mike Devx

    The bigger the government, the more it will control every aspect of your daily life. The permanent campaign is just one part of it. The stakes of winner vs loser become practically life or death, when the government is so large as to control so much of your life.
    You will never be able to escape the politicians, when government continues to grow ever larger.

  • Libby

    Charles Martel – Add this to the list:4) Double points for first female AND lesbian president.
    Don’t even think about criticizing old Hills, or you’ll be called a misogynist and homophobic.
    Is there any doubt that this reporter will become an arm of the Hillary! campaign, primed by the campaign with greater access and given early scoops? Dear Amy will either not publish any damaging stories in order to retain her access to the candidate, or like the “Game Change” authors, she’ll hold these juicy stories for book that will be published after the election.

  • Charles Martel

    Who woulda thunk it, that where a vulva has been is now a top qualification for the presidency?

  • barbtheevilgenius

    It’s really pathetic that she is a lesbian who still thought it necessary to marry a man whose coattails she could ride to get where she is now.

  • Spartacus

    (I am still respectfully sticking to my strong doubts that this bio will reveal anything so salacious.  I could be wrong, but it feels like a giant squirrel release.)

  • Ymarsakar

    Mobama said Barack would make you believe.