Thoughts on racism and race in America

You’ve already heard, I’m sure, about Delbert Belton, the 88-year-old World War II veteran who was beaten to death by two black teenagers.  The police are assuring everyone that there’s no need to get worried, because this wasn’t a race crime.  Instead, it was Delbert’s own fault.  According to the police, when the boys tried to rob Delbert, he had the temerity to fight back, leaving them with no other option than to beat an old man to death.

A friend of mine noted that, using this reasoning, if one assumes solely for the sake of argument that the race-hustlers are correct and it was Zimmerman who started the fatal encounter with Trayvon, then Trayvon was responsible for his own death because he had the temerity to fight back by climbing on top of Zimmerman, raining punches on his face, and trying to turn Zimmerman’s head into Silly Putty by smashing it repeatedly into the pavement.  My friend is right, of course.

But I’ll add something else to the mix.  The police are desperate to avoid saying that the white on black crimes that are flooding the news lately arise because blacks are — gasp! — not merely racist in Obama’s hystically race-conscious America, but aggressively so.  They don’t want to admit that the aggressive focus on race that surrounded Obama’s election didn’t destroy forever the linger vestiges of racism in America — the presumed outcome of a nation open-minded enough to elect a black man to its highest office — but, in fact, created an aggressive form of black-on-white racism.

Here’s the problem:  the new black-on-white racial motivation, although disgusting, is an intellectually recognizable reason for vile conduct.  If you deny its existence, all you have left is the admission that American blacks have become feral.  That is, they’re not killing for political reasons; they’re killing because they have an animal’s blood-lust, without a human’s self-control, morality, or reasoning skills.

And so, let’s talk about two recent local news stories that the MSM is assiduously ignoring.

In Anderson, Indiana, a 17-year-old black teenager assaulted and raped a 93-year-old woman.  This is what Iquise Taylor did to Amelia Rudolf:

Police say the youth lived within in a block of the woman’s house. Investigators say he broke into her home by kicking in the back door and then sexually assaulted her.

The 93-year-old had been sleeping at the time and awoke to find the youth in her bedroom.

Apparently elderly white women are quite the hot commodity amongst the non-racist blacks, because a similar event occurred happened in Poughkeepsie, NY.  That’s where 99-year-old Fannie Gumbinger had the misfortune to cross paths with 20-year-old Javon Tyrek Rogers, a black man who is a career burglar.  Well, Mrs. Gumbinger didn’t actually cross paths with Rogers.  It was more a case of his entering her house and killing her.  Why would one kill a frail 99-year-old lady (and believe me, because of my Mom’s retirement home I know precisely how frail 99-year-old ladies are)?  Well, it wasn’t a “hate crime,” of course, because blacks don’t commit hate crimes.  That means, as Wolf Howling put it, that it was a “feral” act.

The race hustlers have repeatedly put themselves in the position of conceding that black Americans are feral, whether it’s because they say that Damian King couldn’t help trying to beat Reginald Denny to death in the wake of the Rodney King riots, because he was “caught him the rapture” of the moment; or the two teens who couldn’t help killing an 88-year-old because he fought back; or a 17-year-old who couldn’t control his lust for an 93-year-old woman (who his lust for power over a 93-year-old woman); or a 20-year-old who had to murder a 99-year-old lady who was interfering with his burglary; or the five young blacks who tortured a random white couple to death in such a horrible way that I can’t bear to right about it.  If these young black people (and they’re all young products of America’s thirty years of institutional Progressivism) acted without a motive, no matter how disgusting that motive was, then the only thing left is to concede that they are either evil incarnate, which argues a certain moral knowledge that the actor deliberately ignores, or that they are so inhuman that they have become like animals.

Even likening them to animals, though, seems to me to be too generous.  Animals kill to eat or to control territory.  Animals do not waste their energies, nor do they put themselves at risk, simply to indulge in blood lust.  That type of act is seen only in rabid animals that have been rendered insane through infection.

So what disease has affected our black underclass to the point at which it has parted ways with humanity and entered dimensions in which, normally, only infected animals dwell?  I leave you to think up your own instance.

Incidentally, I do not write this post as an overarching indictment of blacks, God forbid.  I am not a classic racist, in that I do not believe that one race genetically inferior to another race.  I recognize differences (skin color, musculature, bell curve spread over such traits as book-oriented intellectualism or physical stamina, etc), but I consider those differences virtuous, insofar as they provide a wonderful range of human abilities, with no one quality trumping any other — although there are times, whether through natural- or human-caused events, when certain traits may help one group survive better than another group.  I consider myself a “values-ist,” meaning that I judge people by their values, not their skin color, religion, gender, sexual preference, etc.

So if it’s not genetics, it must be culture — and black culture is Leftist culture or, rather, black culture is the victim of elitist Leftist culture.  It’s the Leftist ruling class, in government, in the media, and in education, taht thinks so little of blacks that these elites are content to accept that young blacks normally exist in a diseased, feral state, because it seems right and natural to the affluent Leftist eye.  If, Gaia forfend!, they concede that blacks are endowed with the same moral and intellectual abilities as whites, then these same elites must also concede that blacks do not need to be perpetually dependent upon the states for all their needs, a status that assumes racial inability.

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  • Wolf Howling

    One you might add to the above list,  It takes to the tenth paragraph to find out that the three teenage girls are black.
    At any rate, I differ with your conclusion.  It is not that the Left elite thinks so little of blacks that they are happy to allow them to “exist” in a feral state.  I think that the idealists of the 60’s, JFK, Patrick Moynihan and their ilk, were deeply concerned and doing what they thought best to truly help the black community.   Well, they shot their bullets and, while some of what they did helped spectacularly – the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act – other things that they did failed equally spectacularly – welfare.    
    If the left could find a way out of this that would not result in their own weakening – or even perhaps demise – they would, I am sure, jump on it.  Their catch-22 is that such a solution does not exist.
    For the far left to truly address the problems plaguing the black community today would mean addressing failures of left wing programs.  It would mean saying, well, maybe the conservatives were right after all.  It would mean taking on the teachers unions (the group that underwrote the MLK 50th anniversary race hustler palooza a few days ago).  It would mean taking a stand on traditional morality.  The mortal danger to the left in doing so is that it would fracture the blacks as a monolithic voting block. And in an age where only a few percentage points of votes are what separate Republicans from Democrats, that could well be catastrophic for the left.
    So the left continues to beat the drum of imaginary racism as the only true ill of black society.  But I think there is an expiration date on that.  I think that the race hustlers overreached on Zimmerman.  They did so in order to forward the canard that America is still 1966 Selma writ large.  But there is a backlash.  You can see it on Drudge, where he is now posting all of the feral black crimes as they make the (local) news.  O’Reilly, to his credit, has made it his own personal crusade and Juan Williams is his cheering section.  I think that, and such things as your post, Book, are a start.
    The best thing in the world we can do for blacks today is shame them to acting with morality and civility.  The true irony is that is what Martin Luther King Jr. did so effectively to whites nearly 50 years ago.

  • expat

    Great post, Book. This leftist elite must include the feminists who degraded women’s role as homemaker and mother and made sexual freedom (read promiscuity) into the greatest good. It also includes the “intellectual” types who value credentials like a college degree over learning and self esteem over self respect. The results of this are not confined to blacks. Lower class and working class whites are suffering from the same problems. The trash culture and lack of parenting affects more children every year. We don’t need a conversation about race in this country; we need a conversation about values.

  • jj

    That crap about Delbert Benton’s murder being in part his own fault, for having the temerity to try to defend himself, was crap that originated yesterday with Spokane police chief Frank Straub.  Straub has spent today trying to walk that one back, as he has, one suspects, also spent most of today dealing with a large number of phone calls, texts, and emails pointing out that he is a dipshit.  

  • JohnC

    Instead, it was Delbert’s own fault. According to the police, when the boys tried to rob Delbert, he had the temerity to fight back, leaving them with no other option than to beat an old man to death.

    Same way the thinking goes in Great Britain now. What? You fought back? Well then, you deserve whatever happens. And, should you survive, you definitely need to be punished.
    It is the duty of every decent upstanding citizen to die rather than resort to violence. 

  • JohnC

    According to the police, when the boys tried to rob Delbert, he had the temerity to fight back, leaving them with no other option than to beat an old man to death.
    So, by this logic, Progressives and Leftists are saying that black Americans are just wild animals – like bears or wolves. Do whatever you can to stave off an attack if you encounter them. Defending yourself is like poking a bear with a stick. Don’t enrage them. Just let them do as they please. You had no business going into their territory in the first place.
    In other words, Progressives and Leftists do not really believe that black Americans should be considered fully human. Black Americans are simply gonna do what they do and it is ridiculous to treat them as if they can be reasoned with. You can’t expect them to be kind or decent. You don’t reason with snakes or hornets, do you?
    It’s subtle, and most people will miss it, but saying that someone ‘made’ a black person attack him by trying to defend himself is actually the most racist thing I’ve heard in a long time.

  • JKB

    I’ve wondered how the police chiefs and the Progs can be so racist as to imply that these crimes were not racially motivated but rather just black people being black people.  That seems both terribly stereotyping and racist.  
    And if the crimes are just because of who these criminals are, then the advice to be on alert when approached by black youths is apropos.  On the other hand, if they are motivated by race or even simple criminality, then you can judge not by the color of the skin but by their actions and behavior.  
    Now, personally, I just don’t think the police chiefs, mayors and Progs understand what they are saying when they rush to deny the race-based crime.  
    Similarly, the Spokane police chief just ran off at the mouth without a thought given to what he was saying.  I hope someone ran the headline, “Spokane police chief confirmed moron and not smart enough to hide it.”

  • Spartacus

    Very lucid and insightful argument, Mrs. Bookworm, but I think you may have been burned by your sources.  Mr. Giles characterized Chief Straub’s comments as blaming Mr. Belton, but he also links back to the Daily Mail article, which has this:
    ‘I’m not being critical of Mr. Belton,’ he clarified. ‘We certainly encourage individuals to fight back, and he should have. But it shouldn’t have happened to begin with.’
    As the Daily Mail article reads, this comment seems to have been from the same press conference, probably just a few seconds later.  Possibly not, but that’s certainly how it reads.
    So, it’s a beautiful pyramid of logic with one faulty stone in the foundation level.  Sadly, a quick scan of crime news reveals many other similar foundation stones to replace it, keeping the argument soundly intact.

  • MacG

    I sent the link about Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, Jr. henious murders to a lib friend and his reply was a wiki article which buried in the latter parts of it disprove the mutilation, dismemberment and she stayed alive for days portion of the early erroneous reporting so that pertty much made him gloss over the rest of it. 
    It does not look to be a hate crime as the devils had white friends as well. 
    I hate the hate crime designations.  Should it not be enough to send someone to jail for hitting another?  Who gives a rip whether they hated them or not.  The fact that they hit another shows enough apathy for life that the hate beyond it is irrelevant.  Just look at the gas on the fire it was in this case.  Conservatives are appalled at the apparent lack of consistency in which these laws are applied.  If we are all equally endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights why the special designation?
    Unlike the gun enhancement provisions of the law hate crimes applied in such a way will show the inanity of them.
    “We find you guilty of murder in the first degree.  Plus it looks like you hated them as well.”
    They fins a person guilty of a crime of passion it is generally gets a less severe punishment.  Well isn’t hate a passion as well. See it makes no sense.  Punish crime for crimes sake not the passion behind it.

  • Charles Martel

    I think the Democratic Party’s white masters, as well as their house Negroes like Jackson, Sharpton, and the NAACP, have blacks where they want them: ignorant and reactionary. That statist policies have produced a lost generation of feral black youths doesn’t matter as long as two conditions prevail:
    1. The horrendous amount of black-on-black mayhem is confined to the ghetto, union-run schools, or prisons;
    2. The lapdog press can be counted on to look the other way when it comes to the escalating incidences of black-on-white assault and murder.
    If the Dems can keep 90 to 95 percent of blacks voting for the party, that means energy to spare for reeling in clueless college kids, unionists, Latinos, and Vagina Monologues types.

  • DL Sly

    I’ve asked this question all over the internet and no one has yet to even deign to answer me:
    Pray tell, to what two different “races” are you referring in your otherwise thoughtful and well-written post?
    I’m not trying to be argumentative or assinine, but would honestly like someone to please tell where exactly they get the idea that black PEOPLE are of a different race than white PEOPLE, or brown PEOPLE, or yellow PEOPLE…..
    That’s like saying my German Shepherd is a different race of canine than my Malmute.  Or that a Persian cat is a different race of feline than a Siamese.  Or a Clydesdale vs an Arabian horse.  Or….  C’mon people, not only do elections count, so do words.  The Left has been using and changing the vernacular for so long we don’t even try to think critically anymore, much less correctly use words as they are defined.

  • Ron19

    DL Sly #10:
    I agree with you.  However,
    In grade school I was taught that humanity was divided into three races, Caucasian, Negro, and Asian.
    Decades before that, Margaret Sanger and her ilk taught that Italy was composed of two different Italian races.
    Go figure.

  • Charles Martel

    I know that certain Jews claim there are two races: One that pays retail and one that pays wholesale.

  • Spartacus

    It’s actually a little more complicated than that.
    Although the DNA of all types is overwhelmingly similar, anthropologists have managed to divide humans into four rough categories: Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid, and Hemorrhoid.  Complicating matters is that any of these four groups may mix with any of the others, except for Hemorrhoid, which it is believed must mix with at least one of the others.  There may possibly exist in nature an example of a purebred Hemorrhoid, but this has not been proven.  Rumors of sightings abound, but none has been examined under proper laboratory conditions to prove their status.

  • raymondjelli

    There has always been a class tinge to race politics. If you have to worry about crime, neighborhood issues, etc. it automatically says you are not making it big.  The  rich use it as barometer to ferret out the horrible middle class from their social circle.
    It is why race rhetoric is so effective. It demeans those who face real life on a daily basis and gives a false morality for those who on average were simply lucky enough to be born rich enough to be shielded from these issues.
    It is a very false morality.  If George Zimmerman was a European  tourist  rather than a mult-ethnic Hispanic he would never have been prosecuted.  Our elites are enamored of all things European and give all people and things European a pass.
    White = Bad. European Born and Bred White = Superior

  • Katja

    You and I were thinking along some of the same lines yesterday – <a href=”″> </a>
    (For some reason, the link icon here isn’t working)

  • DL Sly

    See, now I just pulled up the Human biological classification :
    KINGDOM: Animalia
    PHYLUM: Chordata
    SUBPHYLUM: Vertebrata
    SUPERCLASS: Gnathostomata
    CLASS: Mammalia
    ORDER: Primata
    SUBORDER: Haplorhini
    FAMILY: Hominidae
    GENUS: Homo
    SPECIES: Homo sapiens
    Sorry, but I’m just not seeing a separate classification for negroid, asian, mongolian, hispanic, italian, polish, jewish, indian ….nothing…zip……zilch……nada.  So, again, I have to ask, which two “races” are you talking about?  (Charles and Spartacus you’re excused from answering, yours were too snarkily classic to try and improve on, so please, don’t try.  0>;~})
    Ron19, were you “taught” or “told”?
    Big difference.

  • Ymarsakar

    People once again underestimate the power of the Left. Not everything they do is apparent or clear. Not everything they cause, can be traced back to some villainous crook who may or may not be in jail. It is not that simple or clear. They won’t let it be.
    The more people think the Leftist alliance is full of clowns and what not, the more they need to take care when underestimating the Leftist alliance for human utopian perfection.
    They are not a powerful faction due to nothing. They are not here to clown around and play cards at Vegas. They will not give up. They have gone too far to turn back.
    However, free will still exists so people can just sit around and allow the war to extinguish them. Nobody said anything about there being a requirement to fight. Just a requirement to surrender to the hordes.
    <B>For the far left to truly address the problems plaguing the black community today would mean addressing failures of left wing programs. </b>
    Failure? As if those programs failed to make blacks back into Democrat plantation slaves and shock troops for the coming war of annihilation. Of course it didn’t fail. It’s still working as intended.

  • Ymarsakar

    The only race I’ve ever recognized is the human race. Which will need to cleansed sooner or later.

  • Ron19

    DL Sly # 16:
    Taught.  It came from the teachers and textbooks.

  • Ymarsakar

    <B>So if it’s not genetics, it must be culture — and black culture is Leftist culture or, rather, black culture is the victim of elitist Leftist culture.</b>
    For clarification purposes, I don’t disagree with Book’s conclusions on the Left. I still think people, whether in specific or in general, are not taking the Left’s strategy to its logical conclusion. It’s akin to stepping in a puddle on the road and then going “that’s a problem that needs to be fixed”, while not being able to imagine all the slave and torture rooms below the street they walked on, day in day out. The Left is not just what people “see”, since they can easily remember a time in 1960s that socialism was “good intentions” and all that jazz, and they never caught a glimpse of today. But A leads to B, and Anne Frank had a point that refusing to believe in evil, assuming humans have a good heart, is a way of coping.
    But it’s not a way of victory.