Maybe there’s still hope as Obamacare’s burden on the young leads the young to push back

One of my children told me an interesting story about something that happened at her high school yesterday.  Because of questions from the students, a teacher gave a brief explanation of Obamacare, which included the information that it would insure everybody and that young people would be forced to buy insurance or pay a penalty.

When the teacher was finished, one of the students raised his hand.  This wasn’t just any student.  It was a top athlete who was in the running for Prom King.  He’s an admired leader in the school pecking order.

The student asked, “Does this mean that I have to buy insurance so that some illegal immigrant can get it for free?”

“Pretty much,” replied the teacher.

A few more questions like that in a few more schools across the nation, and young people might finally figure out that they’re being used and abused.

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  • Matt_SE

    Most young people can’t even be convinced to purchase music legally. Why would anyone think they can be convinced to buy expensive insurance?

  • MacG

    “which included the information that it would insure everybody”
    I’ll take exemption to that. :)
    Only goes to show what counts is the first impression which was that everybody would be covered but even from the get-go it did not and even more so today.

  • Ymarsakar

    Assuming they grow a spine, which I don’t.

  • jj

    I’ll change that name to: “jj the Elder…”
    Wow!  The most interesting thing about that – far and away the most interesting thing – is that the teacher actually came out and agreed.  A Marin teacher!  He’ll probably be fired by Monday morning for that inadvertent straying into truth, but by damn!  he did say it!  I think I’m too old and set in my ways to start believing there may be a ray of hope for Marin.

  • Charles Martel

    jj, you’ll be pleased to know that we Marin conservatives have developed a secret signal that alerts us one to the other: Whenever one of us conservatives hears some silly leftist meme solemnly repeated by a friend or neighbor, we quickly swig highly carbonated cola from a hip flask and then expectorate it, just like Danny Thomas, only we do it through our nose! This unexpected take on how to spew liquid immediately tells the savvy observer that the cola expeller is a conservative.

  • vinny

    I imagine most high school students wouldn’t think about this subject as they do not pay for their insurance; their parents do. 

  • lee

    Charles Martel–
    I lived and worked in Marin up until three years ago. One day at work, I heard the person on the other side of my cubicle talking on the phone. She sounded, agsp, CONSERVATIVE! When no one else was around, I walked over to her, and after making sure no one was around, I said in a very quiet voice, “Are you conservative? I am, too.” We became friends after that. It was the first time I didn’t feel alone…
    I did go later to the horrible 2008 election results social gathering at Harbor Point. It was at one time, incredibly depressing, but it was also so thrilling to find out that there were other conservatives in Marin. I met ine of the candidates for local office. That was also depressing, because she was so smart, and the Democratic candidate was an idiot, and I knew the Republican candidate didn’t have a ghost of a chance.
    I found some other closeted conservatives when I wnet to a tea party event at Mill Valley. It was so funny to run into people I knew there. We were so happy to find out we all were conservative. It’s funny–none of were afraid a liberal would sneak in and “out” us–all the liberals we knew were afraid that they’d be brainwashed if they had gone in there.

  • Charles Martel

    Lee, my experience has been pretty much the same as yours. Often there’s just something about how another person will respond to or describe a certain thing that makes you wonder if he or she is a conservative. Finally there comes that time when you get them alone and say something that can only be responded to in two ways: the liberal way and the correct way.
    Sure feels good when they answer like an intelligent adult, no?

  • Ymarsakar

    “all the liberals we knew were afraid that they’d be brainwashed if they had gone in there.”
    One way to reinforce this security net, is to tell every lib you know that if they ever voice Republican or patriotic sentiments, you will report them to Eric Holder’s ATF, the IRS, and Obama’s website for citizen Action.
    They will never, ever, ever, try to “infiltrate” your group after that.

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