The Obama sadist and the Republican masochists

House Republicans went to Obama and offered him everything he wants for a six-week period.  That offer allows Congress to continue a debate about government spending, while ending a shutdown that, while illusory (83% of the government is working and federal workers will get all their back pay) is nevertheless inconvenient, especially for Americans who want to visit their national parks.  It’s actually a win for Democrats too, because it gives them an excuse to back off the disaster that is the Obamacare rollout.  Obama, however, said “No.”

And I suddenly realized what all of this reminded me of.  It’s the real life version of the sadist and the masochist joke:

The masochist and the sadist are in a room together.  The masochist is on his knees before the sadist, begging.

“Please, Mr. Sadist, please beat me!  I want to be beaten.  Oh, and yes, when you’re done beating me, get out the whip.  I love the whip.  Please whip me.  Or maybe you’d like to walk on my prone body with spike heels.  Yes, yes!  That’s what I want.”

The sadist stares contemplatively at the groveling, begging masochist, and gives his answer:


Welcome to Obama’s America.

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  • Gringo

    I remember that joke from a high school history teacher. For a variety of reasons, such as mailing in his preparation for an AP history class while working us hard- the incongruity did not go over well- he was not my favorite teacher. But he did have a good sense of humor.

  • Mike Devx

    Book, you say, “Welcome to Obama’s America”
    But it takes two to tango, just as with the joke.
    It is also correct to say “Welcome to the Republicans’ America.”
    We need new leadership. I don’t think anything will really change until the threat of a third party becomes real.  WE have to make it absolutely clear to the GOP that they can no longer take us for granted.  If we genuinely aren’t ready to abandon the GOP, they’ve got no reason to change.