Obama is an evil man, QED

Obama the devil

I’m tired of pussy-footing around calling Obama merely dishonest, stupid, feral, leftist, etc.  Let’s call it like it is:  the man is evil.

Only an evil man would say this (emphasis mine):

There are times where I as President of the United States am going to have different tactical perspectives than the Prime Minister of Israel and that is understandable. Because Israel cannot contract out its security in light of the history that the people of Israel understand all too well… But ultimately it is my view, from a tactical perspective, that we have to test out this proposition. It will make us stronger internationally, and it may possibly lead to a deal.

On its face, that statement looks merely stupid, but just the slightest bit of analysis reveals that it is a statement by a man who is morally corrupted to the point of evil.  Let me explain:

Israel has been America’s friend for decades.  Iran has been remarkably clear that, when it achieves full nuclear weapon status, it will obliterate Israel.  The apocalyptic strain of Shiite Islam that Iran practices is comfortable with the idea of a nuclear holocaust, especially because most of the Muslims in the line of fire are Sunnis, who are Shiites’ ancient enemies.

When seen through the reality spectrum, as opposed to the evil spectrum, Israel and America should have identical interests.  Israel wants to survive.  And America, as Israel’s longstanding friend, should want Israel to survive, just as America, as a humanist nation, shouldn’t want to see a huge swath of the Middle East vanish under mushroom-shaped clouds.

So what does Obama say?  He says, big-hearted guy that he is, that he understands that Israel and America will have “different tactical perspectives.”  And yeah, sure he also vaguely gets that Israelis don’t want to be destroyed en masse.  When push comes to shove, though, who cares about the Israelis’ survival instinct.  It’s much more important that Obama gets a chance “to test out this proposition [letting Iran go nuclear].”

That is bad enough on its face, but please keep in mind that Obama is manifestly undeterred by the fact that every single proposition he’s tested out thus far has failed:  his economic propositions have failed, his healthcare propositions are failing in a way that could bring down the U.S. economy, his Arab Spring propositions have failed, his foreign policy propositions have failed — everything he touches fails.

That global failure leads to one of two conclusions:  He’s pathologically stupid, which I no longer believe; or all these failures are intentional, which makes him evil.  Moreover, once one adds this new Iranian “test proposition” to Obama’s list of known failures, you pretty much have proof of my theorem:  Obama is an evil man, QED.

Hat tip:  Gateway Pundit

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  • Mike Devx

    Obama could hardly have been clearer without rubbing everyone’s face in it:
    “I am not Israel’s ally.  Israel is not my ally.  They can get in line behind me and do what I tell them, or they can go it alone.  They’ve chosen to go it alone.”
    The lies occur when he steps up behind a podium and tells Israelis or American Jews that “We have Israel’s back”, or “Israel has no stronger friend the United States of America.”

  • Charles Martel

    Is Obama incompetent? Yes, in the sense of lacking the managerial temperament and skills American traditionally have wanted in a president. But if your intention is to gum up the works, incompetence is a great tool.
    But incompetence is different from a lack of intelligence. We all know intelligent people who can’t even cook spaghetti. Incompetent Obama is intelligent enough, in the same cunning way that Lenin and Mussolini were.
    So, yes. Book, I agree; the man is evil. Unfortunately, his Jew hatred will not rouse enough anger among American Jews to make much of a difference. It is a terrible thing to think that all of the smug leftist Jews who wear their tradition as a cute little ornament will be blithely complicit in a second Holocaust.

  • groman

    I have said for some time now, that Obama is a dangerous and evil man, only to be called a racist or a tin foil hatted conspiracy nut. I believe if you dig into what we can find about his past, his family and his associates and couple that up with his actions, the answer is plain to see. When he said he wanted to fundamentally transform the greatest nation on earth into another failed socialist state, people should have realized then what was in store for us. Unfortunately, the dumbing down of education and the media’s propaganda have created a largely ignorant and unthinking electorate more concerned with their own immediate gratification instead of the long term health of the nation.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I totally agree. However, to believe that that people are evil, you must first first believe that there is something called “evil”. I do believe and I also believe that there are very dark forces at work in our country and the world at large. This will not end well. 

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    You finally said it, Book.
    But there are other things you need to be aware of, for your own life if nothing else.
    Infiltration and living amongst the Leftist fodder and operatives requires certain tradecraft skills (spycraft). Optimally, you need to put on a mask for the benefit of society in order to hide your true motives and intentions. This is similar to how Communists infiltrated the Catholic Church and US bureaucracy, and it is similar to how conservatives and other oppressed people live in the “closet” socially speaking.
    It is vitally important in the conflict to come that on the ground agents feed the enemies of the Left reliable, accurate information concerning the Left. This isn’t done by bugging Leftist leaders, although that’d be nice, but by doing grass roots data gathering. Basically, live amongst the Leftists and listen to what they say. Because what they say is 90% of the time, what tomorrow’s Leftist propaganda operation will be. They always give their troops on the ground a “primer”, instructions on how to combat enemy statements. The Leftists at the bottom, what some here consider inconsequential, had all the valid defenses and counter attacks against criticism of ObamaCare way before conservatives were being slammed by Democrat talking points on cable news. That means they were already ready to accept Democrat propaganda before it came on the news, and by the time patriots had some days to digest Democrat talking points, it was too late to mount an offensive. The Leftist operatives and commenters had been offensively advertising their point of view for days amongst FB and American social circles. The loyal patriots had no answer, because the conservative think tanks and blogs hadn’t even become aware of Leftist counter attacks on ObamaCare criticism. The Vanguard of Leftist terrorism and insurgency will always start at the ground level.
    ACORN was infiltrated not by bugging the leaders in Congress or at the top, but by talking to the lowest level operatives. For those not in intel gathering or intel analysis, they underestimate the power of having reliable sources living amongst Leftist zombie and cannonfodder. The thing is, when you consider someone evil, that is another way of saying you are starting to lose respect for their humanity. This is a problem because normally people can put on a mask and go along with their friends when they talk about the US President. But if you think the US President is evil, it will become far harder to tolerate this. Humans on average value the opinion of their friends, social circle, and family. To be ostracized or “pressured” by one’s peers is equivalent to being exiled to the outside of the herd, subject to all kinds of predator attacks. SO humans instinctively avoid it. This means your rate of endurance for gathering intel, conversations with Leftists, will have a higher burn out rate, Book, as you come to believe Obama and Company are evil. As you learn to accept the status quo nature of reality, there comes an internal resistance to hearing your friends talk glowingly about evil.
    So one solution is to apply the same dehumanizing of Obama (evil isn’t human, and thus can be killed without social ostracism) to one’s society and friends. This dramatically increases an operative’s endurance as it relives psychological stress and pressure to “contest” the opinion of friends over Obama. You can then just probe them with questions to get the goodies and the intel.
    These things tend to happen over years, for a low intensive, background operative. ANd it doesn’t happen without a fair degree of motivation or at least willing participation.
    Groman, why do you care whether Leftist cannonfodder zombie tools think you are a racist or not? If a gun or a dog came up to you and said you were a racist subhuman, why would it matter?
    My point is, personal interrogation resistance and psychological warfare resistance comes from changing yourself. It is not necessary to change or attack Leftists. They attack you because you are their 2 minute hate cooldown heatsink. They have so much negative energy, they dump it into you as the “hate vessel” so they can live happy lives thinking they are righteously just and pure. This kind of thing doesn’t tend to work well when you reflect their hate back at them or escalate the chain beyond their tolerance levels.
    Their opinions only matter in your mind if you choose to give them the status of “human”. Remove that status and you’re one step ahead in becoming resistant to enemy propaganda, though never immune. Some people call this giving hostile volks free “rent space” in one’s head.

  • Matt_SE

    I’m not going to get in a metaphysical bind trying to determine someone’s intent. Whether someone is a criminal, criminally insane or stupid makes no difference to me. I expect results from people at that level. If I don’t get results, they get the ax.

  • Simplemind

    Well, whether he is pathologically stupid or evil, the results would look about the same wouldn’t they? Due to our system he can’t come right out and go full  evil Tyrant Hitler mode, but by acting the fool, he can bring about equivalent harms. 
    Evil is, as evil does.
    This will not end well,  as someone said above.  That used to be what I thought. Now I think this will end as God intends.  Because it will. There is a lot more going on here than we can see today. Doesn’t mean we are going to like the outcome.

  • Mike Devx

    What disgusts me the most about Obama is that he is incredibly sly.  Yes, on occasion he will out-and-out lie.  “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, is one such.  Even then he and his ilk knew that the truth was, “If you want to pay $400 more per month, you can keep your doctor.  Or your hospital.”  Of course, now his ObamaCare spokesman is saying that Obama didn’t lie – that this is what he REALLY meant.  Oh… really?
    So, yes, on occasion he puts the big whopper right out there.  But far more often, he doesn’t.  He engages in this sly complicated gobbledygook intricate maze of words that, if you spend a lot of time parsing it, doesn’t actually say or mean what it appears to say or mean.  It’s all deliberately deceitful and deceptive.  He gets away with it because most people can’t be bothered to take the time to figure out what he’s REALLY saying.
    But it’s no better than a lie.  It’s deliberate deception, done on purpose, and its very sly.  It’s like the husband who declares with mournful. soul=filled eyes to his unhappy wife that this time, he means it, and he will never cheat on her again.  Meanwhile, he’s slid his his hand behind his back and crossed his fingers, as the tears come to his eyes.  But inside, he is giggling at her, and giggling inwardly at his masterful deception.  His deception is grade-school immature, but he thinks it is nuanced and… crafty.  But he is also exhibiting profound disrespect for the object of his deception.  “What a buffoon!” he is inwardly crowing.  And that is Obama’s relationship to all of us.  The fact is, the deception works.  But it speaks poorly of Obama, and poorly of the gullible fools who keep buying into it.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    People who believe in Obama, are merely obeying their orders and doing what their Authority tells them to do.
    If they are told to believe, they will believe. If they are told to kill, they will make the attempt even though most will fail to pull the trigger. If they are told to hate, they will hate. If they are told to do evil… they will do it. No questions asked.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    They were told by an authority they recognize, Obama, to inject healthcare compliance at Thanksgiving. Democrats obeyed, for the most part. Many were laughed out of the dinner table handheld video but they tried.
    Now Obama tells them to inject it during CHristmas.
    People won’t obey? Why won’t they obey their Authority?