Thoughts on the Robertson kerfuffle

Phil-Robertson-813x1024In random order:

1.  A&E is not a government entity and is within its rights to make insanely stupid, bigoted decisions.

2.  Phil Robertson doesn’t need A&E but, judging by his show’s popularity, A&E needs him.

3.  GLAAD is a fascist organization.  A friend of mine who was watching CNN caught a GLAAD advocate said that the world is changing and Robertson needs to “…get in line.”  In other words, my friend accurately notes, GLAAD is saying that Robertson is guilty of thought crimes.  How very Orwellian.

4.  As others have noted, and contrary to the Drudge headline, Robertson did not go on a “rant,” nor did he compare homosexuality to bestiality.  What he said was (1) that, physically and emotionally, the homosexual act makes no sense to him; (2) that the Bible characterizes homosexual acts as a sin, as it does several other sexual behaviors, including adultery; and (3) that, while he’s bewildered by homosexual acts, it’s God’s responsibility, not his, to decide whether and what consequences sinful acts deserve.

5.  Nobody knows what the contract is with the other members of the Robertson clan, so it’s still up in the air whether they will be allowed to leave or to speak of Robertson’s beliefs when they start filming next year’s season.  (This year’s episodes are already filmed.)  It’s also unknown whether, contract or not, the other members will nevertheless stage a walk-out or something.

6.  You can boycott A&E if you want, but they’ll never know unless you’re a Nielson household.  The better thing to do is to boycott companies that advertise on A&E.  Indeed, the best thing to do is to copy GLAAD and other “queer rights” organizations, and to make the advertisers completely miserable.  Remember — always follow the money.

7.  It amazes me that our “first gay president” hasn’t yet waded in this matter.  It is, after all, the only issue that seems to stiffen his backbone.

8.  One wonders if there are enough people left in America who care enough to push back against these attacks on speech and faith.  I know there are people who care, of course.  I’m just wondering whether there are still enough of them, and they are exercised enough, and powerful enough, to make a difference.

For more on this, I recommend Noisy Room’s take.

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  • Charles Martel

    “It amazes me that our “first gay president” hasn’t yet waded in this matter.  It is, after all, the only issue that seems to stiffen his backbone.”
    Uh, Book, I’m not sure that’s the presidential bone in question here.

    • Bookworm

      Yes!  (Fist pump.)  I knew someone would catch on to that.  I was originally going to use little ellipses (“the only issue that seems to stiffen his . . . backbone”), but I knew that would be too obvious for this crowd. 

  • raymondjelli

    There will be no libertarian-conservative alliance. The so called libertarians are quite silent on this push for coercion by gay advocaes  although they once pushed the legalizing it is not endorsement line. They could be right about that but this is the time to show it and they clearly have other goals. If you want to know what libertarians believe about social issues including antisemitism just check out the CPUSA. They are surprisingly consistent.
    Rand Paul for Dogcatcher 2016!!!

  • Ymarsakar

    Book, the issue is really one of organization. There are always trigger pullers and people willing to volunteer, but they need an organization to put them to work. Funding helps.
    However, if you notice in the past few years the Left took special pains to suppress Tea Party organizations. By hammer the funding of said organizations and forcing their grants to expire, anyone who seeks to organize large groups of people, has been too busy fighting legal battles and the ATF.
    This is a war. It is conducted by tactics, strategics, and logistics. Without an organization, logistics cannot be maintained. Without logistics, strategy cannot be fulfilled.
    One of the reasons why I was floating around the net talking about the 2012 election between 2008-2012 is because I sort of figured out what the Left was doing and I saw that there was insufficient force or pushback. The Tea Party surged and people had high hopes, then the Tea Party disappeared off the map around the mid elections. If you look at the casualty rates for side B, when side B refuses to accept it is at war with side A, but side A wants to slaughter side B, then you don’t have a battle so much as another Rwanda. A slaughterhouse, a massacre. Somebody is going to get massacred.
    So long as the occupation of America proceeds, organizations must learn to fight as an insurgency. People think being a freedom fighter or an insurgent is easy. They think they’ll just melt into the civilian population and never be caught. Most of the time, they are caught and killed. It’s not easy. The Left is slowly turning the battlefield upside down. On the positive side, all the weaknesses of an occupation is now the Left’s. They are no longer guerilla insurgencies picking at the heels of US power and tradition.

    • Ymarsakar

      “One of the reasons why I was floating around”
      Correction, was not floating around.

  • Danny Lemieux

    RaymondJelli, I agree with you in regard to Libertarians but not in regard to libertarians. I consider myself libertarian-conservative (mostly Tea Party) but would never sign on to what Libertarians support. 

  • Ymarsakar

    The Libertarian movement, like all movements, slant towards authoritarian cult worship. Individuals are advised to steer well and clear of religious death cults and Libertarian brainwashed tools.

  • raymondjelli

    Danny, I understand where you are coming from but like myself, you’ve been had. You can’t separate large L from small l. The large L’s use people who start believing in libertarian ideas to push forward their agenda. I know people who were active in libertarian movements and saw that most of these people are really leftists who realized they were never going to be the leftist in charge and were making too much money to simply let their taxes be confiscated. They use social issues to keep their bona fides while they wait for a socialist movement more to their liking (translation: they get an actual cut). You can’t have a conservative and libertarian alliance. Too many people among the libertarians  are anti-religion and by extension do not believe in the Creator who gave inalienable rights as stated in the Dec of Indep. Their understanding of the Constitution sounds valid but is a bait and switch. The desire to be left alone is not the desire to have all people left alone. Even worse it can mean leave me alone and everyone else is a bastard who deserves what they get. Read a libertarian website and watch the comments about victims of Jihad. It is sickening. They only care that the victims may come to the USA and then go on welfare.

  • Texan99

    I can never remember whether I’m a big L or a small L.  Anyway, while I have no problem with homosexuals, I’m revolted by A&E’s behavior.  I’m also very curious to see how the family will react to the requirement to write Phil out of all future scripts.  Regardless of what their contract says, there’s no power on Earth that can force them to be light, amusing, and charming in such a way as to continue to attract fans.  It’s the most popular show on TV right now, with an average of 14 million viewers per episode.  If A&E has to take them to court, I can’t see it ending well.

    • Ymarsakar

      If they want to be dumped by A and E, they can merely all have interviews where they support such views. Then count on the gay police squad to force A and E to cancel the contract entirely.
      The Left tends to step up their game when the subject doesn’t correct the behavior after the first hit.

  • Ymarsakar

    An individual can always separate out the darkness from the light. If they cannot, then they are not individuals either.

  • MacG

    Since Phil outed A&E this the following link for inserting fake bleeps to intimate cussing and editing out “in Jesus’ name’ prayer to not offend Muslims they are just paying him back a little.  True to form about their fear of Muslims they fear the GLADD speech and thought terrorists too.

  • Texan99

    Here’s an interesting take.  This guy wonders why A&E would spite itself financially by sabotaging its biggest show.  He thinks A&E intended Duck Dynasty to be a classic reality TV show in which the audience tunes in to sneer at the hillbillies.  See their backward beliefs!  See how they don’t fit in!
    To the producers’ horror, the American public loved and admired this quirky but charming family.  They tried leaning on Phil Robertson to stop mentioning Jesus when saying grace at the evening meal at the end of each show, but he refused.  Perhaps they thought that by removing Phil from the show, they could move back towards the snark they always wanted.
    I’m curious what kind of rights A&E owns in the show’s concept.  Will they try to prevent the family from recreating something similar on another network?

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