Tuesday tossed salad (and Open Thread)

Victorian posy of pansiesOh, my gosh!  There is an embarrassment of riches out there this morning when it comes to thought-provoking, interesting, informative, or funny articles and videos.  Here are my favorites, in no particular order:

I pointed out here that terribly flawed, infantile, dangerous, and very non-scientific reasoning supported a study purporting to show that all the scientists in the world agree with anthropogenic climate change.  I didn’t have data, I just had common sense to back me up.  The data is now in, though, and it too shows how dreadful these “everybody believes in AGW” studies are.  No wonder Patrick Michaels is writing at Forbes that the age of science may end, as people view once-respected scientists as little more than ignorant shamans shaking sticks at the climate gods.  (My words, not his.)


For a little bit of real science, this approach to sealing gunshot wounds is wonderful.  Think of all the lives that will be saved in Democrat-run cities such as Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Detroit, where Democrat voters routinely shoot each other.


Will it surprise you to learn that Richard Hofstadter, one of the darlings of Progressive academics, was full of it?  No?  Well, it didn’t surprise me either.  (Link corrected.)


“Zero tolerance” is one of the worst things ever to hit the Western world.  Before the dawn of that noxious notion in the West, zero tolerance was reserved for tyrannies:  Nazis had zero tolerance for Jews, gays, and gypsies; Iranians had zero tolerance for gays; Singaporeans had zero tolerance for spitting on the street; Saudis had zero tolerance for school girls with uncovered heads trying to escape burning buildings; etc.

Zero tolerance is never allied with either intelligence or human decency.  At about this time last year, in schools across America, zero tolerance was the justification for suspending elementary school kids possessing pizza slices or pastries that they’d chewed into gun shapes or little girls with water pistols that they never even brought to school.

Now, Canada has gotten into the act:  a retired Army sergeant made a wrong turn in Vermont and found himself at a border crossing.  Rather than letting him turn around as he requested, they interrogated him, searched his car, found his wife’s gun, ignored his concealed carry license, arrested him, and are now threatening him with three years in jail.  Obama’s State Department seems to be staying out of this one — no doubt because it’s thrilled to see Canada take the type of stand that Obama wishes he could.


I wrote just yesterday that I wasn’t surprised that Philip Seymour Hoffman was a junkie who died of a heroin overdose.  To my mind, there was always something off about him.  Both Kevin Williamson and Jonah Goldberg look at the “off-ness” that lies the heart of heroin addictions.


Here’s another addiction, one to which sick cultures always turn:  anti-semitism.


Rob Miller (aka Joshuapundit) has another wonderful article up at The Times of Israel, this one about Israel’s reality — dealing with boycotts, lies, and intimidation.


One wonders if the kids are getting a better or a worse education in a school captained by a principal with a great sense of humor.  I like to think that humor helps everything.  (But keep in mind that Jerry Seinfeld is being pilloried for suggesting that humor is not about skin color.)

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  1. says

    What most people think of science is merely authority. Individual education and independence levels are in sufficient for them to judge the difference between one theory and another, one experiment and another. The readers are unable to create theories or deconstruct them. The readers are unable to check experiments because they cannot duplicate those experiments, even on a smaller scale.
    This is Western Education. Aka indoctrination.
    The Chinese traditional medicine going back 4000 years had an easy individual check for chi gong. How much benefit you can do yourself and others is based solely on your own skill and knowledge levels. Thus if you want to know if you are succeeding, you need neither credentials nor a degree, you just need to test it on yourself and other people. You control every factor and variable then, to determine success vs failure. Even still, people often get it wrong and fall into cult like behavior.

  2. lee says

    I think Ruth Wisse will get a lot of crap for her column from her Harvard politically correct chums. I also think she is right.
    My mom, who was a school teacher for over 30 years, DESPISED “zero tolerence” policies. She said that it teaches kids that nuance and context matter NOT. It undermines a whole host of things related to justice, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and fortitude (She was working on a Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit thing, suspect.)
    Kids expect fairness, but they are not so stupid as to not understand the difference between bringing a butter knife in your school lunch to spread nutella, and brining a big badass hunting knife to threaten another kid with. If you punish kid a (“zero tolerance”) you are just making all of them bitter, and those in the Kid B category cynical. (“Ha! Can’t even tell a butter knife from a badass hunting knife! Idiots”)
    Looking forward to reading what’s at the Richard Hofstadter link once you fix it.

  3. says

    For those that are thinking Paranoid Ymar is at it again, there’s this interesting news.
    I’ve heard similar stories, except it’s about SWAT teams mistakenly or intentionally doing no knock raids on people the police suspected owned “lots of guns”. The LEO community already has access to this kind of stuff. They just need a REASON or a pretext to use it against you. Risk assessment and avoidance protocols dictate that strategic planning must be done now for avoidance, and not rely merely upon tactical superiority when you get caught with your pants down.

  4. Bill C says

    I read Hofstadter’s The American Political Tradition in high school.  The teacher who taught this class was also the basketball coach so someone inventing a cheer for the APT, APT, APT…

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